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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Draft Day!!!!

Today is that long anticipated day when life takes on meaning again- fantasy football season in the NHFFL. We start our draft sometime around 11 this a.m. and will be looking at some changes. Mainly, going from 2 6-team divisions to 3 4-team divisions. We have 4 players (myself, Laurie, KC, and Shenan) each running 3 teams and I thought we might get better rivalry if we put one of each player's teams in each division.

For those hopelessly lost, here are the basics. Each team drafts 12 players, and when they score in real life, we score in fantasy. Each week, teams play head to head with another team. High score wins. Points are just like real life, with these exceptions: touchdowns of fifty yards or more count 9 instead of six; TD passes count 3, 6 if 50 yds+; Field Goals of 50+ count 4; defenses get 1 pt each for sacks, interceptions, and fumbles, along with any touchdowns. A team consists of two each of quarterbacks, kickers, and defenses (one of which plays each week, one is held in reserve; defenses are the whole team, e.g. if you have Miami's d, you get all defensive points from all Miami's defensive players), and 4 each of running backs and wide receivers/tight ends. A tie at the end of the game is settled by the reserves' points, after that it's a tie (which we've had one of in 13 years. At the end of the year, six teams make the playoffs, and the winner is Super Bowl champion. This year will be Super Bowl XIV for us.

And here are the teams. First, we'll look at mine.

KCA's: My main team, I actually played this team in another fantasy league 4 years before we started. One of the ten founding teams, we've won one SB (2003).

B2's: This team traditionally belongs to my current dwarf Hamster, so this is Cassie's first year. Originally named after the current hamster, we adopted the B2 name permanently I believe in 2003. They took the 2002 title.

State Ducks: Named fore an intentional misreading of one of my shirts by KC, this is an expansion team. They have not won a SB, though they logged the league's best record last season.

Now, Laurie's teams:

The Elks: Named by a scrambling of Laurie's initials, this is another expansion team that took the place of one of the originals who folded when we re-arranged the league in 2002. She took the 2007 SB with them.

Fiery Beagles: Originally the Fiery Dragons, the name was changed in 2002 when Laurie joined so it could be her dog Fred's team. Of course, now it's Scrappy's team. They've been three times to the SB, without a win.

Arden's Angels: A founding member, they went on hiatus when we contracted the league despite having gone to (and lost) the previous 2 SBs. Returning three years later,they lost yet another championship (all to the same team!) before finally capturing the grail in 2008.

KC's teams:

Clock Barbeques: Understand, Kc was 7 years old when he named this team. Another founder, the CBBQs have been to one SB, a bitter defeat by his sister.

Sunset Rangers: Another founder, most noted for being 0-9 all time in playoff games.

Buzz Lightyears: Originally Buzz AND THE Lightyears, they were another founder who went on hiatus and returned. After returning, they took the 2006 title.

And Shenan's:

SVA: Fully Shenandoah Valley Authority, they are one of two teams that joined in our second season. With wins in 2004 and last year, they are one of only 2 teams with multiple titles.

T-Cubs: The New England Patriots of the NHFFL, they also came in in our second year, and won titles in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2005 (the last three all against the Angels).

Ragin' Rhinos: An expansion squad, they have yet to reach the SB, one of only 4 in our history that can say that.

Three teams lost their lives in the contraction of 2002.

Greenwoods: They beat the KCA's in the very first SB back in 1997.

New York City Athletic Club: They took the 1998 title, so far the only team with a losing regular season record (6-8) to do so.

Aguascalientes: Aguas for short, they established a reputation of being both the highest scoring team in the league, and the one that gave up the most points (by a wide margin). Naturally, the math adds up to not much success, and they are the final team that never saw a SB game.

So now, you'll know what I'm talking about from here on as the season develops. I'll post a draft report later tonight probably.

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