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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mr. Beagle's Neighborhood take 2

Here is an example of trying to learn technology- I present you a map of the neighborhood with dumtacks to point out where stuff is.(once again, you'll have to click on the map to see everything I'm talkng about, sorry.) I marked that projection of the woods where we saw the foxes as "fox Patch", the trail that Tina found as "Tina's Landing", and a brand new feature we call the "green hole". This is where the stream that goes through Woodbridge, crosses the feeder at that white line above the soccer fields, then goes into the woods at the river's edge and turns south. It makes yet another deep ravine that goes south until you hit the Green Hole, which we found today. This is a big circular depression, cut off now from water sources as the stream is basically dry right now, and full of bright green algae. Another dry bed turns perpendicular to the first, towards the river, so at some point this is a collecting point for water heading from the stream to the river.
We stumbled onto this because Scrappy had a Jones to go exploring this morning and we were ducking in and out of trails all along the river's edge as we moved north. We didn't start out till 8:45 so no deer, fox, rhino, or what have you today, though the first of the trails we took I saw a big fish groping through the roots at the water's edge. Looked like a carp, guessing maybe 15 inches long, and preferred to eat in privacy and thus left once we came along. The path we took to the green hole was farther on up, and led to a bigger entrance about halfway between where the pin's stuck and where the woods' edge turns north again. Scrappy really, really wanted to go down to the hole and I considered possibly following the dry bed to the river, but heat, bugs, and the thought of cleaning off a green beagle changed my mind.


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