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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mr. Beagle's Neighborhood

Here is a map of our little slice of heaven so you can see what I mean. Just below and to the left of the dumtack marking "home" is the fence row. If you follow it down, that cross street is Inland drive (or trail, I forget), and following it to the right takes you to the top entrance of the IPFW woods. The big buncha parking lots to right of Home is the Plex's buildings; between them you see a thin row of trees that mark the boundary between the Plex and Woodbridge. there are 3 breaks in that row where I usually enter the Plex grounds. The light green between the Plex and the woods is what we call the "meadow"; where the row on its right side meets the woods is the second entrance, and this is where the dirt path that starts where Inland ends becomes stone. The rectangle of field above the woods is what I refer to as "fields 15-19." At the far right side of this is paved road which connects the main Plex road to the woods; you can see where it runs through the woods to California rd. The dark line through the woods up and down here is the stream Scrappy takes his swims in; above the trail it becomes the ravine. (NOTE: at this point, you'll have to click on the map to see the whole thing. Or, since most of this part is not updated on the map, you could take my word for it.)Between the woods on the right and California, that little patch of green is where the hidden entrance of the ravine trail comes out. Everything to the right between California and Coliseum Blvd. no longer exists; this is now the Hotel at the bottom and the 2 fields they are in the midst of developing above it. Above right field of the nonexistant ball diamond is where the bridge to IPFW now sits, as well as Scrappy's favorite beach. Along the river on the IPFW side is the tree walk. The smaller stadium left of the ballpark is the IPFW soccer field; the Plex fields continue left. Following the row right and above from this field, at the river's edge, is the duck pond. The basically horizontal line dividing Plex lots from soccer fields is the greenway path; the feeder canal follows hard below it, all the way to St. Joe Ctr. The white dot on the Greenway directly above the home dumbtack is where the stream that goes through the fence row and crosses Woodbridge enters the feeder. Aproximately halfway from there to where the river seems to meet the trail is the path that leads to Scrappy's Landing at the river's edge. And now, you've been around our neighborhood.

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