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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a stop... give those wonderful preseason NHFFL scores. The wonderful KCAs (1-1)down the now-winless Rhinos (0-2) 30-21; The tough-early Angels(2-0) blast the defending champ SVA 27-16; the Beagles (1-10 take out their mommy... er, the Elks (1-1) 23-4; the Clock BBQs (1-1) rout the Rangers (0-2) 36-7; those pesky T-Cubs (2-0) edged winless Buzz (0-2) 26-23; and the revenge-ridden Ducks (2-0) pound the B2s (1-1) 21-8. Next weekend's highlight game is the KCAs and Clock BBQs. Gotta love that new "only three more Mondays" commercial for MNF. Slapstick will never die.

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