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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now in at quarterback for the Cardinals... Emmett Kelly...

Cardinals to start Anderson ahead of Leinart at Chicago wire reportsAug. 26, 2010
Matt Leinart has been benched after just two preseason games, this after the Arizona Cardinals gave him the starting job following Kurt Warner's retirement.
It could be just a temporary move -- or maybe not.
"Well, I don't think we've played really well enough offensively to make any determination other than we need to get better," Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said Thursday. "We're looking at different combinations of people."

What Leinart will be looking at is
Derek Anderson, signed to be his backup, starting Saturday night in Chicago against the Bears.
Whisenhunt's expectations aren't that high, he would just like to see a few first downs.
Not surprisingly, Whisenhunt must be feeling like PT Barnum at this point. Kurt Warner alone had 207 completions, 254 attempts, 2430 yards, 23 TDs, 7 wins, and 2.2 yards per attempt MORE than the dynamic duo put together. Oh, they did top Warner in two categories: interceptions (13 to his 14, in half as many attempts) and losses (well, actually they tied here; Warrner was 10-5, they went 3-5). In all fairness I must mention that Leinart was a back up to Warner (whom he was drafted to replace) the last what, 4 years; while Anderson was usually a backup to Brady Quinn (who had 3 more completions than the dynamic duo in 3 fewer attempts, along with 16 more yards and 3 times as many TDs, to go with that gaudy 2-7 record). I guess that was fair.
On the bright side, there's always John Skelton, the rookie third stringer from internationally known football powerhouse Fordham.
And Jamarcus Russell is looking for work.( He'll probably work for food. Lots of it.)
So's Jeff Garcia.
And Daunte Culpepper.

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