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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why aren't you at work? part 3

And on it goes, though I am somewhat better. While I'm waiting for the company to open so I can call in (the answering machine is down this morning) I figure I'll add some more team bios.

Fiery Beagles: Born as the Fiery Dragons, they were initially the Angels' rivals as sad sacks, winning only twice the first year and going 6-8 in 1998. But in 1999, they squeezed into the playoffs at 7-7 and blew out the B2s 60-37 and the Aguas 38-18 en route to SBIII, where they became the T-Cubs' first victim, 57-43 in a back and forth affair. They fell to 4-10 the next season and 5-9 the next. When Laurie joined the league, the Dragons became the Beagles and made the playoffs the next 2 years despite 7-8 records. In 2002, it was the pasting in SBVI by the B2s; in 2003, the KCAs took them down in the openner 73-28. They finished out the contraction era with a 6-9 2004, but then began a 4-year playoff run that saw a 7-5 and loss in the semis in 2005, an 8-4 and another loss in the semis (both at the hands of the Angels), and then in 2007 a division title at 9-3 and a second SB loss, this time to the Elks. They Squeezed in again in 2008 despite a 5-6-1 record but lost in the first round to- you guessed it- the Angels. Last season was a down year at 5-7.

Greenwoods: The first Super Bowl champs, they finished 3rd at 8-6 before ripping through the division playoffs and upsetting the KCAs 31-27 in the big game. The next 2 years they finished out of the running, but came back in 2000 with an 8-6 slate and a loss in the semis to the red-hot T-Cubs, 26-23. Their final year was a down one, though, ending at 6-8. They died in the great contraction.

KCAs: Begun in 1993 in my first league, they were the first team to found what was then the DEFFL in 1997. The last ranked of 3 teams in the old Dupont div. at 8-6, they won their way into the first SB only to fall to the Greenwoods. They went 8-6 and finished 2nd the next year, only to fall to the Aguas in the 1st round 39-32. Then came four years of no better than 7-7, including (and concluding with) a last place 6-9 in 2002. 2003, however, saw the rebound: 10-5, first place, and the exiting 31-30 win over the Elks in SBVII. 2004 saw them back in last at 6-9;in fact, those next four years saw three last place finishes and an aggregate of 18-33. The misery ended in 2008, as they took 2 division titles, went 9-3 and 8-4, but lost in the div. championships to the Angels (42-39) and SVA (42-26).

New York City Athletic Club: This team posted 6-8 records in 3 of its 5 seasons, including 1998 when it was good enough to sneak into the playoffs, and they ran the board with a 29-25 win in SBII over Butthead. In 1999 they hit their high water mark of 8-6 and were blown out in their final playoff appearance, a 46-20 rout by the T-Cubs. They followed with 4-10 and 6-8 marks, and were dissolved in the great contraction.

Okay, work is called, and I'm going back to bed. I'll finish this up next time.

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