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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why aren't you at work? part 4

Because I called yesterday and took a week's vacation pay and figured I might just as well have the week's vacation at this point. I'm a lot better, but last night I tried eating a regular size meal and was not quite ready for it, I guess.

Also, two items of note. First, my Punkin head, Shenan, turned 17 yesterday.
Second, again condolences to the Lomont family. My brother in law Doug lost his brother Dan yesterday. It's only when people are gone that you notice how much they really light up a room, and he did. God rest you, Dan.
Now, let me finish off our team bios.
The Ragin' Rhinos: were born in the expansion of '05, posting a respectable 6-6 mark in their opening campaign. They made the playoffs at 7-5 the next year, but were bounced out by the Beagles 33-28. Another playoff spot in 2007 after a 6-6 season and another first round loss, this time 25-24 to SVA. The next season they dropped to 4-7-1, and last year fell short in a tight three-way race for the last playoff spot.
Shenandoah Valley Authority: The SVA came in with the T-Cubs in 1998. Missing the playoffs the first 2 seasons (7-7 and 4-10), they squeeze in in 2000 with a 7-7 record, nosing out the KCAs, and beat the Aguas before losing 52-11 to the Angels in round 2. Three more years outside the playoffs (4-10, and twice 7-8) were allieved when 7-8 was good enough in 2004 and she roared through the playoffs and beat KC's Clock BBQs 54-36 in SBVIII (thus making me a liar earlier; that's 2 teams with losing records that won Super Bowls). She won the Purple Div. in 2005 at 9-3, but the fourth place Angels blasted her in the first round 53-18. Slumping to 5-7 in 2006, she returned to the playoffs at 6-6 the next year only to lose to the Beagles 32-30 in the second round. She fell apart to 3-9 the next year, but last year finished 8-4, routed the Rangers (35-16) and the KCAs (42-26) in the opening rounds, and claimed her second Super Bowl, beating the Buzz Lightyears 33-26 in SBXIII. SVA is the only other multiple winner besides the T-Cubs.
Sunset Rangers: The Rangers' history is a litany of first round losses. 1997, the 9-5 squad lost 28-19 to the Greenwoods. Missing in 1998 at 6-8, they won their first division tile in 1999 at 11-3 and drew the bye, losing the championship to the T-Cubs 32-23. The next year a 3 way battle ended up with them getting the last playoff spot at 8-6, only to lose again to the Greenwoods 26-23. In 2001, the 9-5 squad fell again to the T-Cubs 33-22, and when the great contraction came, they switched divisions. Winning the Dupont Div with an 8-7 mark, they were flattened by the Beagles in round 1 43-24. sliding to 6-9 the next year, they again won the division in 2004 at 10-5, only to lose to the caffeinated SVA 44-21. 2005 saw them go 7-5 and lose to the Beagles 45-18; they finished out of the playoffs the next 3 years, going 3-9, 6-6, and 5-7. They won a hotly contested 3 way battle for the last spot last year, only to be blasted by SVA, 35-16, to make it 0-9 in playoff matches.
State Ducks: Coming in with the Rhinos in 2005, they opened at 6-6 and were bounced out by the Elks 30-17. Next year, another 6-6 playoff spot, but this time they won the first round, downing the B2s 32-21, before falling 54-26 to eventual champion Buzz. In 2007 came yet another 6-6 campaign, topped off by a 51-30 loss to the Elks again. In 2008 they won the first of 2 straight division titles at 7-5, beat the Clock BBQs in the championship 45-28, only to lose to the Angels in SB XII, 27-24. Last year's 9-3 division winners lost in the championship to Buzz 41-28.
T-Cubs: The New England Patriots of the NHFFL started in 1998, finishing their first year 6-8. They came in second in 1999, at 8-6, and won their first SB, 57-43 over the Dragons. In 2000 they won the div. at 9-3, and took their second SB (and 1st of three over the Angels) 45-31. After squeaking into the playoffs at 7-7 in 2001, they turned on the jets again, winning their third straight SB, 62-53 over the Angels. In the great contraction era they suffered, going 7-8 all 3 years and losing their one playoff appearance, 56-24 to the Clock BBQs in 2004. 2005 saw the return of their old whipping boys, the Angels, and a return to the top of the division at 7-5- just in time to beat the Angels a third time in SB IX, 34-16. They paid for it in three lean years (4-8, 6-6,and 5-7) before making the playoffs again last year at 7-5, and losing to Buzz 34-31.
And there you have it, except that the last two seasons, we had All-Star Games. In 2008, Gold beat Purple 46-44 behind Brandon Jacobs of the Clock BBQs; last year, Tom Brady of the Angels was MVP of a 66-55 Purple victory. How we'll do this with 3 divisions this year, I don't know.

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