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Monday, August 9, 2010

Why aren't you at work?

Well, I am still alive, just not real functional after a bout with IBS that made Sunday miserable and today pretty much the same. Needless to say, I'll avoid the gory details.

We took Tina and her family on the walk through the woods, across the bridge and down the IPFW tree trail. Highlights involved Tina's daughter Rabbit Head stepping into a hole I just warned everybody about; Scrappy's belated and fruitless chases of a big groundhog and a very tiny bunny; Reaching the fountain in the IPFW plaza as everyone (at least the kids and Scrappy) was beginning to run down and having it kick on and rejuvenate them; Tina's wonderful theory about sharks living in the river; and making it home alive. Afterwards, I was stiff and beginning to feel what was in store for Sunday, and Scrappy was favoring his left front paw, which may also have had something to do with him crashing into the recliner at full speed (he forgot to jump, apparently) during the draft. So, by Sunday morning, neither one of us were too mobile, and today is much the same.

Laurie went visiting Sunday, and arrived home just in time to see what we were already looking at- mama deer and her two fawns grazing under the pine trees in the back. I guess this is probably the same trio Scrappy and me (well, one of us) saw in the woods a couple of Saturdays ago. Add in a late-night coon sighting one day last week, and the toteboard now reads 27 deer, 17 rabbits, 6 bats, 4 groundhogs, 3 each chipmunk, raccoon, and skunk, 2 possums, 2 undetermined weasel -like creatures, and the black squirrel and longhorn steer.

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