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Sunday, October 24, 2010

More odds and ends.

-Just looking at this Juan Williams/NPR thing. I always thought, from when I've listened, that anything beyond the 5-minute scope of the top of the hour news update on NPR was opinion (excuse me, "analysis"). Oh, wait, this was an "analysis" that was not in line with NPR's, on an outlet that was not NPR. I have no problem with NPR firing someone for saying things they don't agree with, but how about just saying, "we don't feel his comments reflect our current opinions,er, analysis." Oh, because he's "consorting with the enemy" on Fox. No one ever accused NPR of being "fair and balanced," eh? It's all a tempest in a teapot to me; however, I will have to mention, the next time liberals accuse the GOP of taking big money in return for influence, how George Souros can get NPR (isn't this supposed to be "public" radio?) to fire objectionable reporters just by waving a bankroll.

-Yesterday the Journal Gazette ran a LTE that claimed that republicans wanted to undo "all the great strides President Obama and a reluctant Congress have made". WTF? If Obama's strides are so great, how's come that "reluctant Congress" is thought to be about to lose so many of his party mates? I guess I just have to look at this as coming from an individual who said (paraphrasing), why is it that any liberal is pushing a "socialist agenda", but no one says that any conservative is a fascist? How about because, while not a good or successful form of government, socialism does not necessarily mean a dictatorship, which a fascist state generally does- important difference, there. This all brings up 2 points I often ponder: First, people like this make me see why several of the founding fathers did not want the "unwashed masses" voting. Second, that Congress is the single biggest argument for dictatorship ever made by man. Thankfully, arguments against dictatorship such as Hitler and Napoleon still outweigh that argument.

-We have watched with amusement all the turnovers in the NFL games this afternoon. with 18 lost fumbles (35 altogether) and 22 interceptions in just the early games, I got to figuring. Our fantasy league have 2 defenses per team, one playing and one reserve. In the first six weeks these teams (which score points based on interceptions, forced fumbles, sacks, and scores) have averaged 4.33, 4.79, 3.79, 4.67, 4.69, and 3.5 points per game. The early games produced an average of 8.0 ppg, and that's counting three teams that are on the bye and scored 0. The total for just 15 of the 24 defenses is 120 points- 5 more than any full week this year.

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