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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My dad's favorite saying...

...used to be during any of his beer-fueled stories when at the conclusion, some admirer/enemy/total strangers would stand up and say, "G-- d---it, Woody, you're right!" Well, today is my turn. Leaf back to my August 26th post ("now playing qb for the Cardinals... Emmit Kelly") where I made such joyful fun of the Cards' QB tandem of Matt (whadda I gotta do to prove myself? play football?) Leinart and Derek (lemme see... the guys on my team are the ones in the same uniforms as me... right, coach?) Anderson. Only weeks later, Leinart was singing "do you know the way to Houston, USA", and Anderson became the annointed one. Four fun filled weeks of disaster later, Anderson has played his way out of a job he basically had all to himself, as the Cardinals are set to name BYU grad Max (hello, is there anybody here... anybody?) Hall as the new standard bearer.

4 weeks preseason, 4 weeks season; 8 weeks has got to be the shortest time in history for any football team at any level to have two qbs stink their way out of jobs.

As I type this I'm trying not to watch my Reds finish getting no-hit by Roy Halladay in the opener of the baseball playoffs. Could life be any better?

Sure! I could be on the unemployment line like the Dolphins' Special teams coach, after my 'Fins gave New England enough points in the second half Monday night to win not only the game, but quite possibly the next one.

The ball game is over. Halladay was a base on balls away from a perfect game. Gawwwd...

By the way, in interests of fairness, I want to publically thank Congressional candidate Tom Hayhurst. After the post last week for which Charlotte took me to task, I looked into Hayhurst. Having questions, I e-mailed him and received responses from both himself personally and his staff. Nothing catches my attention more than a politician who doesn't feel he must reply in a form letter. I'm not completely convinced, but Dr. Tom makes a pretty good case.

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