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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NHFFL week 4

Well, the league average dropped 16 points this week- it's the first bye week. I didn't get the memo on that, on two fronts- first, the B2s had NO running backs (three guys off and one hurt); second, the State Ducks ignored the situation and set the year's new point record! The Angels also suffered for my stupidity, having no active QBs- at least in this case, though, it couldn't have made less difference.

This week was an inter-division games. The Purple showdown for first had the KCAs topping the SVA 30-23, with Michael Bush finally scoring his first TD and Phillip Rivers being, well, Phillip Rivers. The lower-case game had the Beagles beating the punchless Rangers 23-9 behind two Maurice Jones-Drew scores. In the Gold Division, the B2s were within Monday Night of upsetting the unbeaten Elks, despite their only points coming from their kicker and Defense. But the Elks had Steven Gostkowski on Monday, and pulled out a 30-25 win that kept them spotless at 4-0. The T-Cubs kept pace on Rashard Mendenhall's 2 scores, beating the Clock BBQs 34-21, and moving to 3-1. In the Scarlet Division, Buzz kept up his awesome domination of the league with a 56-28 romp over the Rhinos. Which is close to their year's average (50.7-24.7). Not only are they outscoring the league by 13 points, but have given up 11 fewer points than anyone else. The poor Rhinos get to enjoy life in second place to that juggernaut. League's leading scorer Payton (the Cape) Manning had two TD passes, L.T. scored twice, and T.O. chipped in a 78-yard catch for Buzz. Finally, the Ducks scored the most points in a single game this season, and the Angels become the first team in league history to trigger the bonus (in my ratings point system, if the worst team's rating is below zero, everyone gets adjusted up so that the low man has 0), as the Ducks rout the Angels 71-15. ( Keep in mind, the Angels had the 4-0 preseason.) The Ducks had 3 guys score for the first time, every active RB and WR (they had one guy hurt) scored, and Chris Johnson chipped in 2 TDs. The Angels had NO QB this week, but if they had the points from every starting QB in our league this week, they'd have still got beat by 8 points.

Next week's feature game is Buzz (4-0) vs T-Cubs (3-1), while the Elks try to stay unbeaten against the seemingly hapless Angels. The owner's race belongs to the girls: Laurie and Shenan are both 7-5; KC is 6-6; while I muddle along at 4-8.





Clock BBQs13123143172


Angels 13123229 0

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