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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NHFFL week 6

Week six saw Buzz rediscover his offense- but not his defense. In the Scarlet showdown, the Rhinos win 53-41. Buzz still owns the tiebreaker because they beat the Rhinos by 28 earlier in the year. But now they are tied for 1st in the division, and now Buzz slips to 2nd in the points race (which means virtually nothing other than it helps me "break ties" without looking up tiebreakers) to the KCAs, even though they lost 50-39 to the Clock BBQs. Buzz could have used some more even scoring: Peyton (the Cape) Manning (9), L.T. (12), and Jeremy Macklin (15) accounted for all but 5 of his points, while the Rhino kicking and defense outscored Buzz 17-5.
In the KCAs loss, Matt Forte, Mike Tolbert, and Dez Bryant all got TDs Sunday day and Joseph Addai and Austin Collie tacked on 2 more in the night game for the BBQs, who move into contention now that the once undefeated Elks are struggling. They lost their second straight, 37-31 to the Rangers, who win just their 2nd game. Tony Gonzales finally livened up and caught 2 for the Rangers, and newcomer (to the Rangers and to the Seattle Seahawks) Marshwn Lynch tacked on one as well.

The B2s are finally on board with a win, 32-15 over the Fiery Beagles. After scoring exactly 0 in the early games, the 'Tubers' got 9 from kicker Matt Prater and 15 from A.P. and Percy Harvin in the 4:00 games. In this week's "inter-owner" game, the T-Cubs rout the SVA 49-31 to take over the league lead all alone at 5-1. The T-Cubs had 33 points just from their wide receivers in this one. Finally, the Angels lowered their points-against-per-game average to an even 55 with a 54-32 loss to the reviving Ducks. Aaron Rodgers had a long TD pass and ran one in himself, and Brandon Jacobs (2), Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis, Calvin Johnson (a long one), and Braylon Edwards all chipped in for the Ducks.

Shenan (what a surprise) is running away with the owner's race with an 11-5 record. KC is 9-9, Laurie 7-9, and I'm at 7-11 after a 2-1 week. I get an inter-owner game next week when the KCAs play the B2s; all the winning teams are split up this week, with perhaps the biggest game being the Buzz Lightyears vs the State Ducks. The Ducks have averaged 50 ppg after their 0-3 start, while the Buzz has scored 57 points the last two losses after nearly averaging that per game in a 4-0 start.





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