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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NHFFL week 7

Another big scoring week, thanks in part, but far from exclusively, to all those defensive points. 44 was the average score, and that average score would have won only one of the games. That game was the anticipated battle between the State Ducks and Buzz Lightyears, which buzz took 41-37. A game that was close throughout was basically decided when Brett Favre threw HIS pick-6 Sunday night. A good thing that Buzz won, too, because the Hot-on-his-heels Rhinos blasted the woebegone Angels 48-17. The Angels have now given up 378 points, 79 more than any other team. This leaves the Rhinos and Buzz tied at 5-2, along with the T-cubs the best record in the league. They fall to this mark, losing to the Sunset Rangers 54-50. Darren McFadden does most of the winners' damage with 27 points, whilst the T-Cubs featured Dwayne Bowe's 15. The KCAs blow their chance to be among the elite with a 46-40 loss to the B2s. The B2s Minnesota connection chipped in 12 points to tip the scales for the 2-5 Tubers. Likewise, the Elks struggled, losing 55-46 to the SVA, putting both teams at 4-3 with the KCAs. SVA had an 18-point day from their RB corps, and 14 from Roddy White. The KCAs and SVA are tied for first in the Purple Division, and KCAs hold the tie breaker for now. Finally, the Beagles got a big 56-46 win over the Clock BBQs. They also had an 18 point RB day and 11 from the Bengals defenseFive weeks left in the regular season, and the feature matchup this week is the 5-2 Rhinos and 5-2 T-Cubs. It will be the first week to have to "inter-owner" games, in Buzz and the Clock BBQs, and the T-Cub/Rhino game . Shenan now leads the owner race with a 13-6 record; KC is 11-10, Laurie 8-10, and I hold up the rear (ironically enough) at 7-12And the individual scoring race looks thus: Rob Bironas, KCAs, and reservist Sebastian Janikowski of the CBBQs, 65 points; Aaron Rodgers of the Ducks, 57; reservist Nick Folk of the Elks, 56; reservist Josh Scobie of the Rangers, 54; David Akers of the Angels and Tennessee Defense, B2s, 52; Steve Gostkowski of the Elks and reservist Washington defense of the Rhinos, 51; and Matt Prater of the B2s, 50. Despite how much KC says he's overrated, Aaron Rodgers is leading the leagues non-kickers in scoring for the second straight year





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