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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Great Indiana earthquake of '10


....oops, that ain't what happened. But since I saw some of our Facebook friends talking about it, I thought I'd tell our version.

About 7:45 this a.m., a deer came a-grazing into our back yard. Naturally, Scrappy wakes me up, and after a half-dozen aborted attempts, I got my eyes to open enough to see it, munching along in the tall weeds at the edge of the fence row. Acting swiftly, I went to the bathroom and then returned to bed. I knew that where one went, the other two had to be around, so I sat up and watched. Scrappy, tired of trying to watch a deer standing still in the gloaming, went back under the covers. Soon, the remaining 2 came out, slowly working their way along the exposed lawn where the snow melted overnight. They were just beginning to make their move to the cherry tree at the edge of the parking lot (and my view) when the quake hit. Now one of our neighbors occasionally shakes the building with what I can only assume is their washer or dryer. The slight tremor shakes my windows. Last time, when we were listening to Midnight Mass on Christmas ( and booooo to they what made the decision to boot Midnight Mass from TV this year), it shook so that I actually checked the IRIS seismic monitor FOR an earthquake. This was much lighter and much shorter- 5 seconds tops. The deer looked at the building, aiding in my assumption of a mechanical source. Scrappy leapt out from under the covers like Santa Claus was knocking at the window, but swiftly saw that the deer population had tripled and forgot all about it. It was only once I looked at the news 2 hours later that I realized what a harrowing experience we'd survived.

(Evon Wainscott sent this pic of the real quake to Indianasnewscenter from near the epicenter.)

Not quite Santiago or Haiti, is it?

1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    I'm surprised the animals didn't act "squirrely" prior to the quake...they usually do.

    I was at the computer, and it was here and a rolling rumble...a nearby train passing, only NO TRAINS around here at all.
    Told the Missus: "Yep, that was a quake".

    As to the neighbor's washer-quake...all they need is to be balanced PROPERLY...that takes care of that shaking problem. You need a level to do it right...most folks don't set the levellers on the bottom, ergo..."watch the washer walk across the laundry room"

    Kinda glad it's not Santiago or Haiti...hate to have to shoot all those people trying to get at our house for "supplies"...
    (as I know the locals around here can't do anything w/o the gov't doing it FOR them.)

    Have a Happy New Year
    (and stop that shaking out there)