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Sunday, December 19, 2010


With the end of the Atlanta-Seattle game, the KCAs take the win in the 14th NHFFL Super Bowl Championship. The score is 43-15 KCAs lead the Ragin' Rhinos, with the Rhinos (9-6) out of players and the KCAs (10-5) still having a starter and a reserve in the Monday night game- TE Visanthe Shiancoe and R-K Ryan Longwell.

The KCAs win the big game for their second time, after losing two of their last three regular season games. The back breaker, just as it was in the NFL, was Desean Jackson's mind-numbing punt return on the last play of the Giants game. That score turned a nervous, low scoring affair into a 31-6 rout.

I'll have to wait until after work Tuesday to officially etch the details on the Super bowl cup, but I'll be celebrating all week long. Michael Bush smashed in two tds to finish things out, as the Rhinos managed no scores from rbs and wrs and K Dan Carpenter missed FOUR field goals. At this point, this game is the 3rd worst Super Bowl rout, behind the B2s 52-12 romp over the Beagles (in the first year of the old "Dragons" becoming the new "Beagles") in SBVI in 2002 and Buzz's 64-32 crushing of the hard-luck Angels in SBX in 2006.

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