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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

Item 1: OT Friday all day. Wallet says Yay! Body says uhhh... Also, we lose our two days off paid for Christmas eve/Christmas. We get Thursday and Friday paid at regular time. I'm not all that upset; when it was announced, I was sure in the minority. A bad day for our supervisor (neither involved nor happy with the situation) to be wearing a "grinch" sweatshirt.

Item 2:Which means that Time machine will either be late Friday or Saturday, depending.

Item 3: The Ass ange/Michael Moore/Oberman thing. Moore tells Oberman that the rape allegations are "Hooey". Oberman gets a good laugh out of it, and then gets run off of twitter by people that think rape sympathisers are Richard Craniums. Moore spends 20k of his hardly earned money to spring Ass ange. (Whatever will Krispy Kreme do this week?) So to sum up, the talking head who can't even follow his media outlet's less than stringent ethical principles gives a forum to the leading proponant of using the freedom of speech that this nation's soldiers die for to bash that nation, and combined they laugh off abuse to women when it is committed by their fellow soldier in America bashing. When these men pass on to their reward, it would ber nice to see them have to ply their respective trades in a world as it would have been if the Communist revolution had actually happened. Can you imagine? Moore would be doing documentaries on how important it is to do and think as the politburo tells you; Ass ange would no doubt have a different idea on how easy it is to do 9 days in prison, as well as leaking something other than secrets or semen; and Keith Oberman would have the most popular heavily-sanitized newsletter in the gulag.

Item 4: Super Bowl XIV is underway, and the KCAs draw first blood on a 58 yard td pass by PHILLIP RIVERS!!!

Item 5: Here's a video that Laurie took, trying to capture Scrappy cuddling with me. What's great is his reaction when he finally sees he's on camera.

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  1. As for Michael Moore, I would trust a lawyer or a used car salesman before I would him. I love, love, love the video. So Cute! Thanks for sharing.