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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Question of Statistics; or, What is it with Silver Convention???

Okay, I realize that many times the only reason someone comes to this blog is because you happen to be searching an image that I have used in the past. But I've noticed this odd statistical anomaly that I wish someone would explain to me.

This is the picture of the ladies of Silver Convention back in Time Machine week 30 on November 19th. This post has been looked at 169 times, third all time right now. Now, out of 118 visits from Germany, 71 of those coming as a result of Google Germany ( searches, 30 of them have been as a result of searches with the keywords "Silver Convention", looking for THIS PICTURE!
I would like to know, if anyone could scroll past the picture to tell me, what is the fascination in Germany with Silver Convention? Or, to put it another way (with the help of Babylon),Was ist die Faszination in Deutschland mit Silber √úbereinkommen?
Just curious, y'know. I just wonder if I'll get an answer before this post is pushed into the top ten by searches.

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