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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Junk update

Item #1: Woodbridge sent out another letter; this one gave us a description of perp and event. Male black (surprise!), 5'6" to 5'10" and thin, wearing black trench coat w/ white piping and baggy pants (surprise again!). Scum approaches woman as she unloads her van, smashes her head into driver's seat as he grabs for purse in passenger seat. she struggles and he hits her on the noggin with she believes a gun. The gun described a a black semi-automatic. May be wearing either a fur lined hood or a stocking cap. Hopefully with all the attention he's meriting, he'll either move on to other hunting grounds or slip up and get caught. I'd like to see him hiding in a trash dumpster Monday morning and get picked up by Serv-all. Beats having him get shot by FWPD and listening to his pastor and relation crying about what a good boy he was and how evil the cops are. Y'ever wonder why we have stereotypes? Because certain types of people do the same stupid $#!t over and over.

Item#2: When my LaCrosse technologies weather station died after a mere 6 months on the job (in good weather), I replaced it with a $10 temp and humidity station from Accu-rite / Chaney. This week it also went the way of all flesh. I e-mailed Chaney about the problem, not expecting much based on my experience with LaCrosse. I've already wrote how the LaCrosse answer to every problem was "change the batteries", that if you persisted, they told you to send the ENTIRE UNIT back to them, and for your bother they'd tack on a $50 fee just to look at the $100 unit. And, I wrote about how I wrote to LaCrosse, Wal-Mart (where it was purchased), and the Weather Channel (who sponsor it) and told all involved it was a POS and so was LaCrosse's customer service. TWC was obviously too uninvolved to reply, Wal-Mart as usual was too big to care, and LaCrosse replied as always, "change the batteries."

Flash forward to today. Chaney asked me one question and sent one reply. the question: when did you buy the unit. The reply: your new unit will be coming by FedEx in 7-10 days. Is there anyone out there from LaCrosse technologies? THIS IS WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABOUT!!! Of course, after reading the reviews for my unit on, I'd guess if they had any real customer service, they'd be out o' bidness in a matter of weeks. They make a great unit in theory that does not function well in practice. It does not bear up well in any weather (an odd quality in a weather station) and changing the batteries is a lot like doing the hokey-pokey without the music. Congrats to Chaney Instruments for standing behind their stuff!

Item #3: Watching the East West shrine game. You Wisconsin fans, Tolzien blew chunks today. You're lucky he didn't play like this against TCU, you'd have bee humillerated.

Item #4: Indiana Workforce Development just sent Laurie and I each a form asking for info that they already have in our profiles and our weekly filings from last week. They needed to have this info that they already had within the next 7 days. And just to make their point that they REALLY need this info that they already had, they sent EACH of us TWO of the same letters with the same forms with the same date! To sum up, that's four letters sent out to collect info that they could have gotten in a few seconds of pushing keys. But, as long as they're doing it efficiently, I guess.

1 comment:

  1. CWM:

    LOL...Either you're the brother I never knew I had...OR you've been reading MY blog way too much .
    We sound SO much me!

    EXCELLENT intel on the robbery perp!
    (and such a BIG surprise, too...told the Missus I knew he was BLACK...yeah, I'm a racist...nah, just know the "nature of the beast")

    As to your weather staion...if I didn't have similar experiences with other items, I'd say it was unbelieveable!

    Chaney SHOULD stand behind their product (actually, they need to stand behind the DELIVERY TRUCK that's CARRYING their it's BACKING THE HELL UP...LOL)

    And the workfarce development (sic)...
    Well, someone has to make sure THEIR job is "secure", right?
    Welcome to the Department of REDUNDANCY Department!

    Have a good Sunday, my friend.

    Stay safe out there.