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Friday, January 28, 2011

Step into my time machine week forty

Hi, everybody, this is Scrappy Beagle. Daddy's just a touch under the weather today so he asked me to do his Time Machine today. So I'm going to give you all the latest on these songs that came out 30 years before I was born, and the Doggie top ten, too!

Daddy says the debuts come first. I don't know exactly what a debut is, but Daddy's mom always said defeat goes over defense before detail. So I guess debuts are what detail is attached to. Anyway, he said count up the number of new songs on the hot 100: woof, woof, woof; 10 of them. But he says only 2 of them are important. The Sylvers come in at 97 with Boogie Fever (I think that's what Daddy's got), and BTO comes in at 81 with Take It Like A Man (which I don't think he is). Then he said do the big jumper and the big dropper. The Big dropper is Glen Campbell's Country Boy (You Got Your Feet In L.A.), from 28 to 51, 23 notches. The big jumper is in the top forty.

He says don't worry about the specials, just go on to the top 40. Okay, Daddy. 5 songs enter the top 40 this week. Going from 41 to 40 is a song that gets him all misty-eyed, Breakaway by Art Garfunkel. Climbing 15 spots to 39 is a song after my own heart- Larry Groce's Junk Food Junkie. An even bigger jump by Dream Weaver by Gary Wright; it goes up 17, all the way to 38. The Four Seasons go from 42 to 36 with December 1963 (Oh What A Night). Why does this song get 2 titles? Finally, the big jumper goes from 51 to 29, a 22-spot climb for Elton John and Grow Some Funk Of Your Own.

Daddy says I should mention that 2 songs got the almost-but-not-quite this week. Dropping from a high of 17 to 24 is Kiss with Rock'N'Roll All Night live. and dropping from 18 to 20 is another song that gets Daddy going, Hamilton with... hm? oh, Hamilton Joe Frank with.... what? Oh, and Reynolds, too, I guess, and Winners And Losers.

2 new songs in the top ten, so 2 fall out- I Love Music, from 7 to 13; and Fox On The Run (hey, I like that one, too!) from 5 to 18.

And Now, before Daddy catches me, here's my Doggie top ten:

10. The Singing Dogs- Jingle Bells: This one's a gimme.

9. A Country Boy Can Survive-Hank Williams, Jr.- What better description of paradise is there than "I live back in the woods, you see/ My wife and kids and the DOGS and me..."

8. Bird Dog-Everly Brothers: I just don't understand why they sung about a bird dog and not a beagle, y'know?

7. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road- Elton John: "Mongrels who ain't got a penny, sniffin' for tickets like you all the TIII-III-IIIIYYYOOOOOWLL!!! 'Ahem' " Excuse me there, sorry.

6.Shannon-Henry Gross: A tear jerker about a runaway dog... (sob, sniff).

5.Get Down-Gilbert O'Sullivan: I don't mind if you're a bad dog, baby.

4.Any of the Snoopy And The Red Baron songs- The Royal Guardsmen: Now there's a real American hero!

3.Puppy Love-Donnie Osmond: Another gimme.

2. Hound Dog-Elvis Presley: I'll bet you though this would be the #1, didn't you?
And now, my "Top Dog"...

1. The Bitch Is Back- Elton John: Not the way I'd choose to roll, but any leg in a storm.

Okay, I better get to Daddy's top ten now. Neil Sedaka comes into the top ten with Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, up from 11. #9 is Earth Wind And Fire with Sing A Song. #8 yet again is David Ruffin's Walk Away From Love. Number seven, up from 12, is Donna Summer with Love To Love You Baby. Fly away is still hovering at 6, third week for John Denver. The Ohio Players' Love Rollercoaster drops 2 to #5 this week. Hot Chocolate (Yum!) stays at #4 with You Sexy Thing. Paul Simon jumps all the way to 3, up six, with 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. Barry Manilow refuses to go down, hanging on to #2 with I Write The Songs. And #1 for its third week, CW McCall with Convoy.

(The truth of the matter is that I did this, not Scrappy. He didn't even come down for his breakfast until the end of the "doggie top ten". He ain't any better off than I am this Morning.)

1 comment:

  1. Scrappy:
    LOL...does "Daddy" know you're SO well-versed with the oldies?

    Excellent me on musical overload humming all these songs (or lookin' em all up on youtube).

    Tell Daddy you done good.
    (yeah, I know "he" really did this, but sometimes, 'ya gotta give the pup credit...just becasue they're so dang cute (even when they sleep in and keep your feet warm)

    All of you have a great weekend!
    Stay safe out there.