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Monday, January 24, 2011

Tribute to the fallen at Domodedovo

Да благословит Бог России

Мы скорбим о Вас


  1. Russia is fighting the same enemy that we claim to be our top priority. Yet we always urge them to remain calm and not to overreact when their civilians are murdered.

    I think it will probably be a generation or two before it happens, but there will likely be a day when Russia is once again on par or above us with military and economic strength. And when that day comes, I think we'll probably see that our failure to engage them on respectable terms when they were down was a mistake.

  2. I agree, Phil. Being somewhat of a history buff, I've read enough on Russia to know that we often treat them the exact opposite of how we would if we understood them.

    Other nations have figured out that you don't have to equate a people with their government. A lesson the USA is sadly lacking in ofttimes.

    Thanks for peeking in.