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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where's that damned bat-signal?

Since Bob G. went ahead and blew the top off the Woodbridge armed-robber case over at his place, I thought I'd update y'all on the view within.

To recap: Woodbridge had armed robberies on Dec. 18 and New Years day. Both times were early-ish in the evening, so you know this is either a miscreant smart enough to watch his victims and find out when they get home at night, or he's conscientious about early to bed etc. Then last week, WANE-TV broke the story at an apartment complex off Wallen Rd. having two roughly similar attacks. The basis of that story was that the complex had not bothered to say anything to the residents.

I told Bob about our two incidents and he suggested I contact WANE. A good idea, methought; so I e-mailed a tip in. Lo and behold, that very day, Woodbridge told us that they had hired a "courtesy officer" who would patrol the area in addition to other miscellaneous 'my neighbor sucks' duties.

This brings us to last night, when this boil on the ass of humanity struck again, apparently assaulting the woman (how very brave) in the course of his too-lazy-to-workitude. This was on local news last night (Laurie forgot where she saw it for sure), and while Bob was doing his excellent piece, Aishah Hasnie decided to call me about being on the piece she did tonight. Of course, I was at work and unavailable, and good that it was so; I had really very little to add other than really wanting to meet Aishah, and the lady she ended up interviewing was a lot easier on the eyes than I would've been. Of course, the best part of this came after I listened to the message on the way home:
Chris: You'll never guess who that was!
Laurie: Who?
C: Aishah Hasnie!
L: (somewhat disbelieving) What did she want?
C: To see me.
L: (Much more disbelieving) WHAT did she want???
C: To see me!
As if pretty reporter-chicks aren't constantly dropping by to see me. ;)
In any event, her piece actually netted her the breaking news that they were going to send us out a second note with not only info on the latest attack, but tips to stay safe. They also mention that FWPD suspect that as I theorized, it is one and the same miscreant (in case you are out there and have pulled yer head from yer drug-riddled butt long enough to read this, a "miscreant" is defined as " reprobate: a person without moral scruples". Dat means ya don' give a f#ck abou' no'un no how.) that has struck all three complexes. And I might add, Woodbridge is so far the only one good enough to give WANE the time of day, so 2 pts for us.
Speaking of points, I've been lazying past putting up this week's Commissioner's cup update. (I know you've all been disappointed with me.) After last week's games, The State Ducks now have 131 pts and 2 players left; the Elks, 106 and 3; the T-Cubs, 84 and 4; SVA, 81 and 4; the Angels, 72 and 3; Begles 71 and 2; Buzz, 67 and 2; Rangers, 63 and 2; the Champion KCAs, 54 and sadly done; the Clock BBQs, 47 and 2; the Rhinos, 46 and done; and the B2s, 28 and done. So Laurie's teams are at 249 and 8; I'm at 213 and 2; Shenan, 211 and 8; and KC, 177 and 6.


  1. CWM:
    When I saw that story run last night, I thought to myself "Sounds like CWM emailed into WANE", and I was right.
    (high-fives all around)

    Goes to show that contacting the RIGHT people about REAL concerns DOES go somewhere, eh?

    "He shoots from the blue line...he SCORES!"

    WTG - and very well done.
    Have a great weekend.

    Stay safe out there.

  2. I used to feel safe down here in Podunk. Now I am thinking it is just a matter of time till they find us. I hope you and Laurie are careful and stay safe. I had my own business for many years. It was broken into several times. It used to really tick me off that I could work my butt off and make something and they would come sneaking in in the middle of the night and help themselves to the result of my hard work. I can't imagine the horror of coming face to face with some one taking my handbag. I hope they catch the scumbag.

  3. I hope so, too. I can remember when I was a kid and we NEVER locked the doors... until some local butt-nugget took our TV. And it ticks me off, too, because the scumbags are adventurous enough to rob and steal and too lazy to GET A JOB! Of course, for every moment they sit back and laugh at "suckers" like us, they'll sing a different tune at their judgement. I just hope God lets us watch that judgement. What a high rated reality show THAT would be!