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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why aren't you at work?

One picture about says it all. Yesterday I hit a patch of ice on the way out to warm up the car. Flat on my back and head. I think my trusty Cincinnati Reds hat saved me from a knot, But I was not very mobile or able to concentrate for more than about five minutes at a stretch. This morning the mid-back is sore, along with my neck (go figure), and along with not being real good at the "touching my toes" maneuver. Our warehouse manager asked me how I was when I tried to go in this morning and he sent me on home.
I thought the President gave a pretty good speech last night- much better than either of the responses (which seemed a lot like" I'm going to contradict the President whether I agree with him or not"). Could this be a symptom?


  1. CWM:
    I think it was...a symptom that is...of hearing the speech.

    I've had that happen to me before (slipped on ice)...not fun, and (new) things seem to "ache" DAYS after it took place.

    You made the "college try" w/ the workplace...gotta hand it to 'ya there.
    Good work ethics.

    Rest up in the meantime.

    Stay safe out there.

  2. Take care of yourself. I skipped the speech. SSDD.

  3. I didn't hear the speech (for lack of t.v.). But wouldn't it be nice if politicians could actually listen to one another and /hear/ what they're saying instead of standing staunchly to one side with arms crossed or fingers in their ears, disaggreeing purely for the sake of being on a different party line. If you actually disagree, that's one thing, but disagreeing for the sake of disagreement is ridiculous.

    Politicians actually listening and wanting what's best for the people ::shakeshead:: It's a lovely thought.

  4. BG and MSN: They gave me an excused day today too. Pretty much better, a little stiff but the "Hey my skull's too full" feeling is gone.

    Haven: I agree completely. I've heard SO many commentators whining about "12 of his 14 points were the same as last year". And guess what? Nobody acted on ANY of 'em. Obama learns an important lesson: When you're president NOBODY listens to you.

    There were many points in the speech in which I said, "If even one of his core constituency listens to him, it would be worth having him in office". I was honestly suprised at the negative reactions everywhere. People, we've GOT to pick a spot and work together on it. Like Ryan said on the GOP response, we ain't got much more time to do nothing in.