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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011 update #2

Hi, this is Scrappy Beagle with the second update. Daddy and I rolled off the couch at around 10 after sleeping to the sounds of the police scanner. Before we fell asleep, we heard things like one guy tried to go around a drift on a north/south just north of Union Chapel and straight into a big ditch; a cop who was trying to come into work and got stuck on the road he lived on (somewhere between 33 and 930) and got told the tow trucks wouldn't be coming to rescue him until his road was plowed. As we woke up, it switched to things like someone plowing out a house hit a gas meter, and someone got their arm stuck in a refrigerator door (I'd like to see them do that HERE!) So we went out to check things out- after we cleared enough porch to get the screen all the way open.
Daddy dug a hole outside all the way to the ground and measured it. "10 inches," he said.

Hmm, I didn't know I had ten-inch legs.

That's the row of icicles we've had over our bedroom for about 3 weeks.

Them guys with noisy stinky machines managed to clear the sidewalk, Daddy said. My chain doesn't reach this far.

Up, UP, AND... down.


That's our back gate. Daddy has to pry the post with the shovel to get the latch shut.

Okay, that's it from Scrappy's house. I think we're going back to bed.

They just reported our second water main break of the morning. And it sounds like Bob G.'s neighborhood is awake. Just had a lady call in that said that her "man" had broke her arm last night and was keeping her home by giving her no money and no gas. She called the hospital while this "man" was out shovelling snow and they called FWPD. So with the scanner shifting from mainly the fight against winter to mainly the usual freakatude, I guess I will go back to bed.


  1. Love the captions.. I heard the ground hog did NOT see his shadow.. Good deal as I have been waiting for spring for what seems like months now. My oldest son lives in Australia, I sent him a few snow pictures. They are having a bad heat wave there and he was thrilled to see the snow. I will give him your url and he can view your photos.. Keep warm.

  2. Scrappy:
    You do OK with those photo-updates, buddy...keep those hits coming.

    And speaking of "hits"...

    Amazing the things you pick up on the radio, isn't it?

    Takes a helluva man to break a woman's arm JUST to "keep her in"...
    But that's SO "typical" down here.

    Bet'cha NONE of that would have happened IF the gov't stepped in and gave her gas money!
    (don't they already DO that with OUR money???)

    I'm just sayin'...
    Oh yeah, I'm WIDE awake down here.
    (have to be with such creatures running about)

    Stay safe and warm out there.

  3. My bagle hound has been dying to run free in this stuff, but b/c it's mostly ice, she'd probably be sorely disappointed.

    Your police scanner chatter takes me back to the days at my grandparents where they'd be listening to the scanner. I'd touch the buttons as they would light up red. They felt like weak, crunchable little orbs of plastic. Thanks for the memory!