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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011 update

Well we got home... okay... last night; and we thank God that the various counties in our path (Allen, Dekalb, Noble) are smarter than our company (Arden) and have said STAY OFF THE ROADS when SOME PEOPLE still think its great weather to make patio replacement cushions. (Apparently anyway; as of a few minutes ago (@6 am) , they haven't called any media outlets.)However, what with being concussed and sick all last week, Scrappy hadn't had more than his bathroom trips and a short walk with mommy on Sunday. So of course we combined blizzard reporting with a little fun.

Is this a happy face or what?

WTF was that??

Daddy's little bunny wabbit.

Mmmm... poop...

There was another picture, but he was moving so fast, all I caught was the tip of his tail.

UPDATE: Laurie says plant manager Lisa called @6:15 to say we are closed. Of course, that's 15 minutes AFTER shift start, but it's the thought that counts. Unlike, apparently some people, who, according to what the ISP just told WOWO, are out and about and getting stuck.

1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    The FWCS also waited until the last possible moment to close today...go figure.

    I mean the whole dang CITY is closed...

    At least SCRAPPY had fun...LOL.
    (cute pics)

    And glad you guys are doing all right out there.

    Stay safe.