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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally, the snow's gone! Let's walk!

Today was a big day for Scrappy. He got a shot in the butt (rabies), and we took the first really fun walk of the year.

We had to take the long way around to Scrappy's Landing as our usual shortcut was a bit wet.
The water, needless to say, was up. Just before the snow hit, we almost could've walked to that big branch.

Over the winter, we discovered that the south path from Scrappy's Landing had a couple of trees across it.

For the newbies around here, our greenway trail runs between the River and the old canal feeder. Their is an inlet cut that used to go from the river to the feeder to supply it water, but is now ended in a big swampy patch below the trail. Last time we were here, we could both cross on the ice. Today, not so much.

Didn't stop Mr. I-love-the-water from going right in.

He actually broke through the shelf at one point; he scrambled back up in almost a poop-crouch trying to figure out what to do next. Of course, I had JUST stuck the camera in my pocket and the light of re-emerging boomed out the picture. Considering I never could see the screen for the bright daylight, though, I think I did pretty good.

Next, da big black crow. He heard the camera (it has that faux-shutter sound when you snap) and took off, with Scrappy in lukewarm pursuit.

Next, we crossed the old wooden bridge(along the way encountering a piece of driftwood looking enough like a dog to Scrappy that he crouched down in front of it for half a second) , headed down the road, and went in the hidden entrance to the woods. As you will see, all those dry stream beds I wrote about last summer and fall aren't so dry anymore.

Scrappy's sole concern is checking out all the den-holes. Whether he has to drag me down into the ravine or not. I actually grabbed a tree once, telling him, "I don' tink so, mahn!"

Now here's what Stony Run Creek looked like our last disastrous venture through the woods.

And here's today. MUCH better.

And I'm sure we would have been in THAT, too, had Scrappy had his druthers.


  1. Looks like a terrific adventure. Probably did both you and Scrappy some good.

  2. CWM:
    That area looks ripe for some SERIOUS paintballin'...LOL!

    And I don't know WHO had more fun out there...Scrappy (and his cold water diving/bird-chasing antics) or YOU laughing and taking those great pictures while he was "indulging" himself.

    Looked like REAL matter HOW may feet you had.

    Stay safe up there.

  3. Bob:
    I've actually been out there on the fringes of a paintball battle a couple of years back. And trust me, Scrappy wins the fun battle. He's non-stop!

    Yes it does us both good, a lot more so than the walk in the snow last week. This time the one that comes home wet and stinky is him (ditch-smell, doncha know?).