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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frustrations and such

Wow, yesterday's post on the frustrations of being a blogger certainly got me the comments! I guess we all go through that, because we all go through it in life. It just seemed that at a point where I was getting mildly frustrated, everyone I follow was going through it much worse. I'd like to skim the top of a few of these subjects tonight- without naming names, but just kinda putting my take on a couple of the situations.

On one blog the discussion of emotional triggers has come up. For me, I had commented, triggers were like a depression cycle looking for a something to wrap itself around and thus gain legitimacy. I've dealt with that all this week, successfully thus far. And the major line of attack has been through memories and dreams involving my dad. This included a corner-of-the-eye moment that I saw someone else who seemed to be him. Neat trick as he's been dead since 1984. I am not trying to bad mouth my dad here; I stress this because I have two nephews who think the world of him and I don't want them mad at me. At the same time, I think they realize as adults that the grampa they knew as kids was only a part of the story. Perhaps some day I will go more in depth with that, but not tonight. Point being, I've gotten better over the years at recognizing the "depression looking for a cause" and cutting it off at the pass; but somedays, somebody notices me being extra quiet and wonders what's up. It becomes a catch 22- talking about it can become just the cause it wants to wrap around; silence leaves you on your own. No easy answers for that.

Another blog had as part of the theme getting off track of where you intend to be- emotionally and mentally as well as bloggily (?). I tend to do that when I get stressed- doing almost mechanical posts and forgetting that this is my sandbox to mess in. I've got someone who has reminded me of that at times, but prefers to do her commenting by e-mail instead of the comments section, which frustrates me though I have know idea why. Probably 40-60% of the things that frustrate me in life I have no idea why they do so. Anyone else with THAT problem?

Another blog had as the subject fear that her ranting about her job might be found out by someone at her job and used against her. Now me, I'm far too lippy to worry about that. To wit: We are currently in that part of the year that our main focus (patio cushions through the dot-com area) is not surprisingly dead, so we've picked up some of the far more massive retail end of things- which is not a great fit for the size of building we inhabit. Retail customers tend to like their shipments in big waves. We are just about at one of those big waves right now, which means over the last week we have been trying to build up stock sufficient to fill 57, count 'em, 57 trailers. We have packed cushions crammed into every orifice a building can have. So while the sewers and cutters (who mainly work the dot-com stuff) have little to do, and some are getting sent home early, and others (like me) get farmed out to other departments, the stuffers, closers, and packers as well as the warehouse people (who are working with already sewn material from China and Vietnam which we stuff, close, and pack) are not only inundated, but buried. Hope came with the scheduling of 3 trucks for today and more on Friday, which is our OT (10 hr days M-TH). But space was already a problem, so Wednesday the told several stuffers and closers not to come in again till Monday when the space problem would be somewhat alleviated.

Here, anyone who has had to deal with trucking companies in the past can guess the story. For the rest of you, the trucks cancelled. All of today's and all of Fridays. Which of course leads us to OT being cancelled tomorrow. Good for knees, bad for wallet. And just to add insult to injury, Some trucking company called back to shipping at 1:30 after the final buzzer to- you guessed it - schedule a pickup. How much you wanna bet they wanted to pick up tomorrow? Tough break, Nick.

On the bright side, that means I'll be getting Time Machine out tomorrow, where we'll talk about the responses I got on the "theme song" challenge; I may get brave enough to let you all in on what I picked for my aforementioned friend who claims she has no such song, and I will do my own big reveal.

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  1. CWM:
    Most things in life that tend to cheese me off are mostly things that go COUNTER to common LOGIC (Spock would have left the room screaming AGES ago).

    And it's people that, for no other reason than BY CHOICE, decide to follow such opposites of the things we grew up knowing to be TRUE and CORRECT.

    As for emotional triggers?
    They're always gonna be there, and the best thing I can do whenever one rears it's head at me is to meet it straight away.
    It can be a movie scene, a song, or even words or fragrances.
    When in doubt, make a mental list to know what might be coming.

    It's frustrating...but it's part of the human condition.
    And we'd all be lesser beings without it.

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.