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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Know There Is A Healing

Lord, I come to You
Sitting in the dark in my bedroom
'cause I been looking out
at the world
and I don't recognize it
Everything's inside-out
of the way that You made it and I'm finding out
that Love can't fix it
So many souls in pain
Because they want to live their lives that way
and I can't convince them,
don't go
All it takes is a simple turn
but they're afraid of doctors and would rather burn
than take their medicine
and be all right

And my Dad keeps looking at me
In all my sightless dreams and
I wish he'd just let me go back to sleep.

A teacher just can't win
kids won't start and parents won't begin
and silence is the only one
to take a grade
Contests crumble under the weight
of pains that cripple and hearts that fail
Let me share it with someone
Yeah, let me share her part
so that other people will not have to cry so hard
and together they can bear
the load
And maybe, piece by piece,
We can re-make the world the way it's 'sposed to be
and our children won't have to eat
the dead husks of faith,
the dead husks of faith

And I know there is a healing
that's the only reason I try
When I reach out, and always
the dying make fun of me
and the buried rise from the dead
at night....

Lord, I come to You
here in the soft light when the morning's new
'cause You remind me of
Your simple plan
And I can see where I'm at
Fifteen-thousand species can't change the fact
You gave us choices that
we might find You;
And when I get tired in this night
Won't You lay me down to sleep so tight
and sing to me in
my soundless dreams
'Cause I know there is a healing
for the soul who waits, who waits for You,
and I'll awake to see
it's all right....

A lot of people will find little bits of them in here. If you don't get a part, it must belong to someone else. Enjoy!


  1. CWM:
    That is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Stay safe up there.

  2. This is one I know I'll come back to, finding a different message for me on a different day.