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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In support of a fellow blogger...

Recently I got turned onto a blogger calling herself Average Girl, who blogs at . She has a really cool way of dealing with a life confounded by fibromyalgia, and a unique way of looking at life. Recently, she's held a couple of "audience participation" events on her blog: a get to know each other "party" in which we were encouraged to put our stage names and blog names, read each others' blogs, and generally make merry in her comments section; the other was a "He said-she said"game in which participants would be assigned a topic (anything from wine tasting to nose hair) to which they would have to present either the pro or con argument (she assigning your side of the topic). Today was the second day of what was to be a month-long fun-fest.

But it ended today. Why?

Because there were apparently some people, presumably who'd come to be followers for the more serious topics of her blog, who have un-followed her because they were offended by the more risque aspects of the posts and the comments. She also received complaints. She decided that it wasn't worth it, cancelled the rest of the contest, and is taking some time off.

I have a message for the complainers and un-followers: HAVE YOU EVER HAD FUN A DAY IN YOUR LIFE???

I mean, really. I know that my blog doesn't always cover subjects everyone likes. But I would assume that since this is America, THE LAND OF FREE SPEECH, you just stop reading, move on, and come back when I'm talking about something that's more your cup of tea.

At least, that's what an ADULT would do.

I think it's awful that we as a nation have gotten to a point that we cannot just walk away from something we don't agree with. MY GOD, DO WE HAVE TO AGREE ON EVERYTHING? HELL NO!! God knows it's in my nature to rail against the powers that be (hence my blog's title), but if I bitched about every little thing, Jim and Carrie on Oldies 101.7 would be getting an earful over something that hacked me off this morning. Sometimes that is appropriate, other times you should just lay back and let it roll off. But to hurt someone who is just trying to bring a little fun into people's lives is just plain asinine. I hope you are happy, another ray of sunshine blotted out.

I would like it if those of you who stop by TAW would click on the above link and check Average Girl out. If for no other reason, to show you believe that America should stand for free speech. Average Girl had, I believe 2 followers drop her in the aftermath of the party and three more because of the contest. I'd like to see her gain ten times that back. If you believe in free speech, if you like to have fun, if you're just tired of the BS of idiots, or if you just wonder what the hell set him off, check out Thank you for your attention.


  1. Love it! Very well said! I already follow her and appreciate that you wrote this - I hope it works!! :)

  2. i'm really am touched... thank you CW.

  3. Well said. I said a little bit on mine too. I just hope she lets the good outweigh the bad and continues.

  4. way to shower the moral support around bloggy town! tracy deserves it.

  5. I, like you and so many others, honestly don't see anything wrong with what AG has been doing. So what if she handed her blog over to the battle for a few weeks, get over it people!!! It's her blog, and if you don't like it, come back when it's over with. NO BIG DEAL! I'm glad she has people like us who understand her and what she's doing. I feel sorry for the people who have started treating her like this, they are sad people indeed...

    Sorry, I felt need to vent there. Thanks for this post! Love you're blog btw.

  6. LD:
    Feel free to vent anytime- that's what we're here for at TAW.

    It was neat to see so many others say the same things I did. And to see that our encouragement helped. Anytime, AG.