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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More February Flotsam

As I have spread my blog-following wings the last couple weeks, I had come upon a lot of basically smiling happy people, as REM might say. And it has been nice to be part of a "crowd" at some level. But somehow it can become a bit overwhelming, and you wonder why you ever got out of your small pond. I had been debating that when suddenly, the world began to fray a bit. Without going into other people's details (other than the occasional asking for prayer for them), it seems that many people that I'm following are either going through illness related stuff in their families, dealing with regret or emotional stress, or even just questioning that same overwhelm threshhold that I was questioning.

One thing that gets mentioned is the quantity or quality of responses. Is anyone listening? Why are their no repsonses? Why is it that I put the website on Facebook, it averages 15-50 look-ats a post, and there has been ONE comment made? (Yeah, why is that?) I was recently the only person who took the time to guess at a truth-or-lie quiz on one lady's site (and got them all right BTW). And why is it that NOBODY has stepped up to tell me what is the fascination in Germany over Silver Convention????

Okay, when it gets like this, it's time to take a time out. As I recall, about 13 1/2 months ago, I started a blog under the understanding that this was my place to vent, WHETHER ANYONE LISTENS OR NOT. I've been fortunate in that many wonderful and fun people Do listen- at least at times. And I want to thank all of you who have, WHETHER YOU COMMENT OR NOT. And I thank those I follow for letting me share a piece of their lives, and remind me that there are still a lot of good people out there. And I thank google, who for whatever reason pushed my picture of Silver Convention (from the legendary November 19th Time Machine) to the first row of images for SC, which at least explains why Germans come nosing around my site for the picture if not why they like the picture so much.

And, I have had 4 responses to the TM call for everybody's theme song. Which ain't too bad, I guess. And for those of you who haven't gave me a song, >:P (lol).

And I guess talking about scam e-mails has netted me some responses. Since I did the post on Mary Ozasuma (who is a real person and has nothing apparently to do with scam e-mails) and the dying Mrs. whatshername, I've had:

1. An urgent money gram from Michael Collins who says he wants me to have this $2.5 million he has lying around;
2. A notice from Thelma Davis (who at least is the name of someone I knew like 20 years ago) who works as an auditor at the Oceanic Bank of Nigeria who says that I have either a "contract/Lotto/inheritance" that will pay me a "partial payment" this year of $8.3 million;
3. Some dude from City Capital Bank of Clap-Ham, London, who is holding my $5.5 million inheritance;
4. IMF investigator Frank Nichols, who doesn't give me an amount but informs me that Janet Williams has told him I'm dead so that she can have it;
5. 2 e-mails from my Blue Cross account that... oh, wait, that's not TECHNICALLY a scam.

So I guess as long as the Great Stupidity continues to seek me out, I'm not being totally ignored. And if the point of a blog is glorified talking to oneself, I suppose I'm coming out pretty good.


  1. Understand your frustration there, CW. The blog I currently have actually isn't my first; I deleted the original out of the same frustration. Then after being away for a while decided to come back whether people were reading/commenting or not. It is my outlet, and at times the only way I feel that I can keep my sanity.

    And I want to thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. Hubby and I are slowly talking about finding a new doc for him (an ongoing process!)

    I'm not sure myself what the big deal in Germany is with Silver Convention; had to google them to find out who they are. Sounds like disco to me...of course, Germans apparently are also big fans of David Hasselhoff's music, so who really knows...

    Those scam emails make me shake my head in disbelief...

  2. CWM:
    I know that recently my "views jumped to OVER 200 per day!!!
    (I was WTF?)
    And these are from places like Turkey, Indonesia, Australia...go figure.
    I apologize if my "midwest town" doesn't suit their hectic lifestyles...LOL.

    ANd I know I can;t visit ALL my blog links EVERY day, but I do what I can when I can.

    Those closer to the top of my list of "suspects" gets the eye more often.

    I admit to not having as many comments as well, but I know I have my "faithfuls" out there, and I honest-to-God appreciate it.

    Evn if I don't have ANY comments, someone's stopping by...maybe they didn't have time...I don't know.

    I know that as long as you have something that needs off the old chest, you keep posting.

    There is always another out there that can relate...even if they never reply.
    Besides, you can never hear a head nodding in agreement, right?

    Stay safe up there.

  3. Here are some of the reasons why I sometimes fail to comment on blog posts that I find interesting:

    1) It seems that nothing more could be said than “I agree completely.” And while that may be exactly what the author wants or needs to hear, it always seems somewhat trite to write it.

    2) The post is deep enough to require some reflection before responding to it. Then, by the time I have composed an adequate response I have either forgotten where I read the post or enough time has passed that it would seem pointless to respond.

    3) Leaving comments on blog posts often invites further dialogue. If I don’t have time to follow through on the discussions that may evolve from my own comments, then I just keep my thoughts to myself.