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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thoughts for today

Or "more February flotsam", if you prefer.

1. The situation In Christchurch, NZ. I send my prayers along with grief over "the darkest day in New Zealand". The CBS News report is running behind me right now.

2. The next thing on the news- Quaddaffiduck and the Libyan situation. Its hard to take much amusement out of such a catastrophe, but... The original nut job has stated A) the rebels are just youths who've been paid in drugs (Gosh, if that was possible, just think of all the fun they'd be having in Mexico. Cheech and Chong: Lethal Weapon); B) that they were "taking your children and getting them drunk ( man, he's got a thing about intoxication, don't he?) ; and C), the one I reeeeeally love, being a history buff, that "we will not let the Italians and the Turks take over our country." I like living in the past, too, but I generally don't go clear back to 1911.
I never mouthed off about the Egypt affair because I was too concerned about the aftermath, and am still waiting on that one. But here? Quaddaffiduck says he will die a martyr for Libya. I think that one's going to be arranged before the week's out.

3.My two cents about the pirates that killed those Yachters. ANY pirate ship should be blown to atoms, no questions asked.

4. Annnnnd now, the Wisconsin thing. I would like, without really debating the bill, to comment on two points.
First, my take on unions. I have watched at more than one place while unions let good workers hang while getting every break possible for the scum of the earth. I have watched as what once were proud American organizations become absolutely nothing but Democrat PACs. And I have watched while union workers who really aren't any more skilled or doing jobs that are any more important than mine make 2 and 3 times the pay that I do. And now, when they should be leading the fight to rein things in, make our government and our economy better, they have the nerve to say, "not out of MY wallet." They don't even want to take collective bargaining for pay away from them, just benefits. Meanwhile, these same people who are either being led by the nose or living with a sense of entitlement that says they're better than I, are on the warpath in Indiana too, because they are afraid to compete with non-union shops. I pity the poor people who will work in right-to-work shops in Indiana if we get them, because I'm sure they will do any inhuman thing to make them miserable if they decide not to be a union "brother". So, yeah, for all these reasons, I have utterly no problem with seeing all the unions hang. Since you are all about "what's in it for me", I'm sure you'll excuse me if I act the same.

Second, I think any teacher who isn't in the classroom should be terminated at the end of the year. The kids should be the important thing; the politics is what you pay your dues for union management to take care of. And any legislator too gutless to stay in the statehouse and fight for his position should find himself unemployed after the next election. Of course I realize that Wisconsin has been pseudo-communist for over a century, so that won't happen there. But I will put every state and National legislator from my district on notice: I don't care if you are Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, or George Freaking Washington- if you flee the state to avoid a vote on ANYTHING, I will NEVER, EVER vote, support, or say anything nice about you ever again. I cannot properly express my contempt for these cowards. And like I said on the unions, if you feel that absence makes the heart grow fonder, you won't be upset if I express my fondness when you need my vote.

Rant over, time to make supper.


  1. Wow!! Excellent points - gives me a few things to ponder! :)

  2. This whole unrest thing over there is a pain-in-the-backside when it's used as an excuse to up the gas prices...Had I known this morning it would jump over 20 cents by afternoon, I would have filled the car before work! And everytime I hear Qadhafi's name, I think of a comedy routine done by Robin Williams years ago making fun of him!

  3. CWM:
    Good call on ALL topics!
    (and I LOVE your view on unions...yessiree)

    Perfect call on those pirate ships...deep-six the lot of 'em!

    And you used one of MY favorite words - ENTITLEMENTS!
    (as in way too much of them these day going to the wrong people)

    Kudos to you, sir.

    Stay safe up there.