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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update on last night's rant.

The a$$#ole Dems are sitting in Urbana, making demands before they'll "come home." Governor Mitch Daniels said just the right thing- basic paraphrasing, I don't negotiate with terrorists. Particularly those who take a Hoosier paycheck with them.

I find it hard to keep this a family show as I tell Win Moses, Phil Gia Quinta et al, STAY THE HELL IN ILLINOIS AND DON'T NEVER COME BACK!!! Actually, here's how I phrased it to both (and I use the term EXTREMELY loosely) gentlemen:

I served notice on my blog about my feelings on your trip to Illinois. In my opinion you and any other legislator making this cowardly move is a traitor to American democracy and a coward. You sir, are politically dead to me henceforth.

Your unfortunate constituent,
Christopher W. Martin

You people were elected to do a job in Indiana. How DARE you run to another state to avoid it?
I try not to wish ill on others but I hope a big damn meteorite hits your hotel and wipes you all out, and I hope you're still sticking to it when it bounces and lands on the guys from Wisconsin hiding there too.

1 comment:

  1. Cwm:
    Gee, Chris...tell us how you REALLY

    Seriously, a good take on this disgraceful conduct by some spoiled brats (in suits).

    Well done.
    (and they SHOULD be).

    Stay safe up there.
    (got another "shovel-ready" job coming...called MORE SNOW)

    Scrappy's gonna love this.