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Sunday, April 24, 2011

And, on a less serious note...

Here's Scrappy's second foray to Johnny Appleseed yesterday. 

First off, when we went Thursday, there were soccer-istas everywhere.  But late Saturday morning, 70+ degrees and sunny?

That's right, not a soul.  They were all in the plex building.
Of course, we had to go through the same puddle splashing as before...

On the other side of california road, the feeder doesn't have drainage access to the river anymore- good for Geese...

This time, Scrappy pays his respects...

...before indulging in the much-closer waters of the boat ramp.

(Caught him in mid-shake there!)

I went to Johnny Appleseed and all I got were these lousy bottle caps!  : )

We saw a couple of turtles sunning themselves in the swamp on the way back ( but they saw us first, so no pics).  Then, as we approached the hidden entrance, I heard a splish-splash.  No, it wasn't Bobby Darin taking a bath;  remember that the ravine is now a waterway- and what I heard was two deer in the water, looking up at me at the edge of woods and ravine.  Scrappy didn't see or hear them, but he sure SMELLED them, and immediately began turning circles trying to figure out where.  I did try snapping a pic or two..

...if you look between the first big tree on the left and the one before it, you'll see a tiny head poking out.

Anyway, the one took off when he heard our camera's simulated shutter sound, but the other remained watching even after we continued on.  The woods itself was a blanket of flowers...

...with a little bunch of dutchman's britches nestled up agin each tree.

That's today's trip, hope you like.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family. I live on the river and I seen my share of geese. Every year a pair build a nest on a tiny island behind my house. Every year it floods. I see them swimming in circles all around the flooded nest. Have seen a few deer across the river, and one fawn on the little island. I enjoy your pictures. Thanks for posting them.

  2. CWM:
    These nature walks are highlights in my week.
    And Scrappy's as well, from what I 've
    That boy DOES like his water wading!
    Even in woods so close to people, it's always nice to see how ALIVE it is.
    That never gets old for me (until all the creepy-crawlies take a liking to ME...then its gets dicey).
    Gimme bigger critters any day.

    Thanks again.

    Stay safe up there.