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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bob wants pictures...

So here we go on a blustery early afternoon journey into the woods.

Patiently waiting.
 Putting the leash on.
Ready to go!!

Getting there was a windy, cold experience as I had opted against a coat and forgot my hat.  But it became nicer in the woods, where the first little flowers are in bloom.

We decided to follow the main deer trail deeper into the woods.  About 3/4s of the way to where you hit the old stream bed, Scrappy got a scent of something, but with his sense of direction was trying to go in about 15 different directions before we saw what he smelled- four of our deer, running away to the north end and the thickets at that end of Stony Run Creek.  Did you get pictures, Chris?  Of course not, because a) it all happened too fast, b) Scrappy was trying to figure out how to get where they were, c) the zoom on our camera might just as well be labelled "unfocus", and d) it's been a while since I played with it, and as is typical, I was trying to take pictures with the on/off button.

Here we have a sign that was formerly at the edge of the meadow.  Neighborhood rampscallions pulled it out last summer, and it now is at the west side of the woods.

Now this sign- IPFW Property, no hunting- is legitimately posted, though why you would post it 10 yards deep off any human trail is beyond me.

I often wonder if "E.W. and B.R." are still together.  The "+ me" underneath it makes me doubtful.

Scrappy the mighty hunter.

So then we headed down to The Spot, which wasn't easy because a) mighty hunter was in duck under brush and shoot through bramble mode, and b) I was one ridge off on my right turn.

Of course, Scrappy likes The Spot because he likes to play in his drink.

I just wonder if anyone in the overlooking senior appartments know what neat spots they have right under their noses.

After leaving The Spot, Scrappy headed us toward the creek, to the spot where we ford in the summer.  Just down the ways from the bridge...

The bridge is that little white line just left of center.

After that, we went down to the ravine.  As I think I said yesterday, the formerly dry stream beds are not so dry anymore...

As Jerry Lee Froggy says, whole lotta croakin' goin on!

And just for those that don't think we are talented enough to take a picture without a third party...

And that's the woods and those in it, early spring 2011.


  1. What fun! I enjoyed the tour of your woods and I must say you are looking good and so is your human. Thanks!

  2. Chris (and Scrappy):
    Thank you, thank you, thank you...from the bottom of my heart.

    You have some REALLY nice areas back there.
    Great "travelogue".

    Have a great weekend up there.
    Stay safe.