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Friday, April 8, 2011

Tilting at GiaQuinta

In todays J-G, we see that Phil GiaQuinta is siccing his legal dog brother on Brian Bosma to get his fines for the Urbana Vacation rescinded. So, of course, I wrote him.

Dear sir:
Have read the j-g article about your lawsuit. You say you shouldn't be fined , that you were in your right in expressing your opinion.

My opinion is that you walked off a job you were elected to do. If I tried that, I'd be fired and so should you. You think you did something noble. I think you held stae government hostage when you couldn't get your way. And you couldn't get your way because it was THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE who elected the state gov't that you didn't.

You insult me by rendering my vote meaningless. We had to put up with this crap long enough. Please stop whining and crying because Bosma won't let your union lobbyist pick up your tab and PAY THE FINE. By God, if you want to do something like this to "express your opinions" at least be a MAN and face the consequences like one.

Christopher Martin

To which he actually replied:

Christopher, I sacrificed $5,200 in pay while we were in Urbana. I was NOT paid during this timeout.

Speaker Bosma imposed a fine as well. The fine totaled $3,100.00. I will gladly pay all fines if they are proven to be legal.

Unfortunately, Speaker Bosma started taking money away from me before due process. It's against the law to do any state at any job!

And my rejoinder:

True, but you were already paid your $22,500 as a legislator. I would
assume it's not your only source of income. And frankly, as I said before,I
think what you did should be illegal. You nullified my legally casted votes
for the state legislature by preventing it from working. Unlike Your
collegue Win Moses' assertion that your stand actually improved your
standings with we the people, MY sympathies are minimal.

I would love to see a law passed that banned the practice of walkouts
altogether. Under penalty of loss of seat, if possible. I don't want to see
either party ever doing this again, for any reason. I consider it cowardly
and treasonous. But, I know such a law will never be passed. So I will go
on speaking my mind, which in this case costs the taxpayer nothing. And I
will keep careful track of those that do chose this action, against future
elections. Thank you for your response.

Hopefully, this isn't the end of the story. I seem to have struck a nerve about the $8,300 he's about to finish pissing away. Actually sent it from his Blackberry! I'm very honored, being the incurable celebrity geek that I am.

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  1. CWM: You also missed the part where he walked out his day job at City Utilities without penalty. Talk about double dipping on the backs of Fort wayne taxpayers . . .