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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I got a tweet of Anthony Weiner

Not really, but I thought it might drum up some business.  Actually, I have- until now- managed to stay above the fray in this classic case of over-exposure.  However, there is no room for denying that it would be against my nature not to weigh in on such a pointed topic, so I'll try to be brief.

I think the time has come for me to have my say, as today, most of the threads to this unravelling sweater have come together.  To recap, Friday he makes the in question tweet to the 21-y-o lady. From Saturday to Tuesday, it was "I got hacked", which really didn't help him much because why would he have pictures of his equipment anyway?  Inventorying for insurance purposes?  Only if you're Ron Jeremy.  Apparently, either the absurdity of his claims, the evidence held by blogger Andrew Breitbart, the inability of his forensic people to prove the hacking, or the cloud of other recipients lining up to expose his exposures, forced him into taking Friday through Sunday in hiding to decide what the next best story would be.  Monday he admits, yes that is, is him.  Swiftly followed on Tuesday by 26-y-o Megan Broussard coming out and saying, "Yeah, I got a BUNCH o' those", and today, when Breitbart, apparently feeling his brothers in the media would be honorable, showed the "grand finale" pic he was saving against Weiner sticking it to him to a couple of XM radio hosts, who somehow managed to get a copy and put it online.  But what are the REALLY fun facts about the whole thing?

1.Weiner wanted to be a weatherman before becoming a poly-sci major.  I know there's a joke in there somewhere...

2. Weiner, for the underinformed is a dem from the 9th district.  This is a dem-safe zone in parts of Queens and Brooklyn that in it's 91-year history has also been the 10th (twice), the 11th, 15th, 16th, and since 1993 the ninth.  Weiner himself has been ensconced there since 1998, since taking over for mentor Chuck Shumer.

3.  Weiner actually did a lot of good in both NYC's city council and in Congress, and his stickler for facts attitude has led him to chew through staff at an amazing clip.

4. Things I find amusing#1:  Nancy Pelosi is organizing an Ethics examination against him.  Not that I'm against Nancy actually doing HER job for a change, I think there's a joke here somewhere, too.

5.#2: Wife Huma Abedin is a chief aide to Hillary Clinton.  What is the shelf life on the equipment of a man who pisses off both his wife AND Hillary Clinton?

6. #3: Speaking of said marriage, it was performed on July 10th of last year (that's right, not even a year yet) by that well known reverend William Jefferson Clinton!  And you KNOW there's a joke there!!!  Bill apparently has the authority as a lawyer to do a civil service; although, when asked about Bill's authority at the time, spokesman Mark McKenna said he had the authority and left it at that without elaboration.

7. #4: Can you see this on Leno's "headline" segment?  "And here we have.. the Abedin- Weiner wedding!!"

8. #5: Comes out today that Ms. Abedin is pregnant, to top things off!  Now, we know what it looks like, AND that it works!

9. ANNNNND #7, and you had to know it was coming with the NYC ("Hey, leave Charlie Wrangel be!! He's as honest as the day is long!) electorate-  a poll released today says that 51% of adults in the 9th  think he should stay on.  If we'd just repeal voting rights in New York, Massachusetts, California, and Nevada, we might just be able to run a decent country.

Okay, I think things have come to a head here, so I'm done.  I know I'm going to get it for saying this, but I had to wait until I had a chance to look at the situation before I could comment.  Sorry to have left things dangling for so long, but there are some subjects that I am just a little leery of touching.


  1. Maybe he is having some male prenatal anxiety. I do sympathize with her. Also, it is very ironic that she is Clinton's closest aide--Hilary knows exactly what she is going through.

    All I can say is:

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Weiner,
    If it's a boy, please name him Oscar Meyer. Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Oh pretty PLEEAASE!!!

  2. CWM:
    I'm so glad you covered this ( I really didn't want to)...and with a style I've come to honestly enjoy.

    Gave me a few laughs...seriously!
    Well done.

    Stay safe up there.