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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scams, scams, scams.

These things seem to go in cycles.  I won't get any for a while, then I'll spend a week getting 1 or two a day.

This week I started out with an old favorite- a acronym-filled accusation of my links with terrorism brought to us by the "FBI Foreign Remittance/ Telegraphic Dept.", which I'd already lampooned a few months back.  ATTENTION: NIGERIA- send me NEW stuff!  Do you realize how bored my readers would get if I made fun of the same e-mail over and over again?  To see the original post, click here.

Then, I get one which was somewhat different- it claimed to be from "the republic of India".  It was referencing an account (in another name, but they tracked it down to me) at the greater Iowa Credit union at 600 E 30th, Des Moines- or as they put it, the "GREEATER IOWA CREDIT UNION, LEDD E, 30TH DES MOINES, IOWA".  Scammers, I cannot stress this enough- USE SPELL CHECK!!!  Of course, it will do you little good if you can't distinguish between 3 numbers and 4 letters, but sometimes you MIGHT have to use your brain. (At least for something other than, "Here's today's e-mail addresses, send out, oh... e-mail #35, okay?")

Now the next one gets an A-.  It claimed that someone had tried to access my Citibank account (which I don't have) with my card ending in "7208" (also, corresponding to nothing I own) saying I needed to re-send them my personal data or they'd close the account that doesn't exist.  All very well done, all very professional looking- but since I don't have to put a finger in one ear and say," Gee, Do I have a Citibank account", I realized it was a scam.  Knee jerk reaction bid me reply with a smart ass comment, but common sense told me that would be damn near as stupid.  However, when the reply screen came up, I noticed the header on top-


Cyrillic? As in, sent from the Citibank branch in Moscow, perhaps?  So now even the Molina thinks I'm an easy mark. To you, gentlemen, I have this message: немая задница!!! 

And for those of you that can't translate, here's what the message says:

And just to speak on the subject while I'm on it, why is it that the Democrats in congress are SOOOOO afraid of whacking trillions in waste out of the budget without raising taxes?  If you really need money for worthwhile projects, you'll have some with the budget cuts.  If you think you have to have more money in order to NOT spend it, then you, too, are the victim of a SCAM!!! And this one doesn't come from Nigeria or Russia or India- it comes from 522 Hart Senate OFC. Bldg., 235 Cannon House Ofc. Bldg., and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., all in Washington, DC.  To report this scam, contact your senator or rep, and ask them- are you against raising taxes, or am I on to YOU?


  1. CWM:
    I ALWAYS forward these scams to the SPAM@UCE.GOV address, and I expand and include the ENTIRE HEADER, as well as the IP LOOKUP from ARIS...

    That makes it easier to find out WHERE this garbage is coming from.

    oOme morons NEVER they?
    (love the "dumbass" picture...LOL)

    Stay safe.

  2. I haven't gotten too much scam/spam e-mail lately. But I'm pretty much over the crotch shot "giant baby" spam that's making it's way around Facebook.

  3. somehow people still cheated by the scam