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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Three Rivers Festival Time...

Today we made our once-every-three-or-four-year trek to Ft. Wayne's world-famous Three Rivers Festival.  Now we are not big on Junk Food Alley or the midway, but one thing we do like is the flea market.  Being of low disposable income, I can't just latch onto every neat thing that catches my eye- and there are many.  I told Laurie, "I'm looking for the one thing that will stand out-  a lot of things have dealt me glancing blows, but nothing has made me cross the line"- and then, I found this.

This is an original Centlivre Old Crown Bock Bottle from the thirties or forties.  What's left of the label says "Internal Revenue  tax/ Contents 12 fluid oz./ Centlivre Brewing/Fort Wayne" and has the remains of a daemonic-looking goat there between "bock" and the "b" of "beer".  The cap is the same as the two I labelled "generic" over on "Boards 5,6,7" on the cap blog, but blue, and cork lined.  Crown Cap collectors international says the cap was used by "countless beer manufacturers" and Tavern Trove dates it at 1935.  The others I have on Board 6, like the Renner Old Oxford also on board 6, are reproductions of this original.  Unlike the others, this member of the collection is staying on the bottle and being put in a yet-unknown hallowed place.  Cost?  I asked the man, he said, " Umm... three bucks?" I said, "SOLD! Pay the man!"

After maybe an hour there, we crossed the footbridge over Spy Run to... the Old Fort.

This, however neat, was just a pass through point for us, as we crossed the footbridge over the St. Mary's...

...and enterred Headwaters Park, where - for us- the neatest things were the F15 Laurie spotted...

... the little kids playing in the fountains (as well as us, briefly)...

...and the ongoing sidewalk art contest, which featured some really good artists.

Boy, Mynx, I think I got you a new art style to try out!

Anyway, that was TRF '11 for us.  Other than a couple pepsis each (which mine were consumed in about three minutes total) and a 25-cent "honey stick" that has left me with a very annoying scratchy spot in the wayback of my throat.  Now, off to find that Hallowed Spot..


  1. CWM:
    Sounds like a good time ahd by all...
    Even a few things there I might like.

    But wait until you catch a glimpse of what "we" do down here in the ghettohood during the TRF.
    Wonder why the media NEVER gets on THAT?
    We'll speak to that on Monday...LOL!

    Have yourselves a great Sunday.

    Stay safe up there

  2. The art looks awesome and yes, your email was in the spam folder. No idea why and no idea why I haven't popped in here before. But I have now and will be back.

    Do you collect bottles?

  3. Mynx:
    Not as a general rule do I collect bottles. This one is special for me as it reflects a lost part of my hometown's history. Hopefully I'll get some good ideas today for a guest post, which of course will turn up in your spam box sometime this weekend.