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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Walk With Scrappy

Just because we've all had such a crappy week.  Let's look at the world from a beagle's point-of-view.  Step one, he figures out a walk is in the offing.

Okay, out the door we go.  Always over-exuberant at this point, but a good boy learns to sit and wait before crossing the street.

Then, we must check our p-mails- and respond if neccessary.

Since we've last taken everyone on a walk, the powers that be decided to have done with that little row of trees in the meadow where we first saw the foxes.  Also, they knocked a hole in the tree-line between the woods and the Plex road. Dastards!

"Where do you think you're going?"  "Oops, wrong trail!"

Once in the woods, we're always alert for new items.  Here's one! It's a.. bicycle seat cover... WTF??

Then, I saw (and our guide did not) a gorgeous tan doe in the woods aways off.  As usual, the camera requires your imagination.

From the center tree, she's kinda tucked in on the right by the next tree, with that bright spot over her back.  I might have had a better picture on the other shot, but the jerk on the end of my line jerked just then.

Here's a dissappointed Scrappy discovering that his favorite mud hole was dry.  Curses!

Time for a dip in the water- in more ways than one.

Shortly after the middle shot, he decided something in the mud was worth rolling in.  I convinced him otherwise. 

Now, he was refreshed, but I was not- and combined with the couple of skeeters that managed to ignore my Off, I decided it was time to work our way back.  We cut through that hole in the tree line I mentioned earlier, and somebody HAD to find something that required his immediate attention in the brush where I didn't want to go...

Holly bushes- we used to have a fence row of 'em at my childhood home (henceforth known as "the old house".

Anyway, the apparent reason for the hole in the tree line is so bulldozers can take fill dirt stored by the barn and bring it to a spot in the meadow, a few yards from the road...

Though we can't explain why they would want to do such a thing- nor can we explain this pole that stands a silent sentinel between the erosion barrier and the road.

Now, I gotta tell you one non-pictured story from last night.  Our complex is watering the lawns lately- and for two days, this involved a sprinkler positioned about 4 feet from our front door.  A fact Scrappy hadn't been clued in on.  So it was, when I finally freed myself up to take him out last night, he came to the door barking and jumping, bursting to get outside.  Then he saw the sprinkler.  Now, rivers, puddles, that's the kind of water Scrappy likes.  Rain, showers, sprinklers, not so much.  Before I got the door all the way open, he went from on the verge of exploding across the sidewalk to 2 feet BEHIND me.  Gee I wonder if Daddy's tendancy to walk him through the sprinklers had anything to do with it, hm?


  1. CWM:
    ROFLMAO...that was BRILLIANT!

    You do real justice to the pictures with the comments...LOL!

    I think this can be "adapted" for a children's book...somewhere.

    Excellent adventure.

    Stay safe up there.

  2. CWM:
    One possibility...let's ramp it up and see about a "SCRAPPY-CAM"!