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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whole lotta pimpin' goin' on!

First off, I pimp myself, as I have had my very first guest post!  It was on the site Dribble, run by my Australian friend, Mynx.  You should check it out, as it is kind of a Kid Stuff Part Two (and you guys remember what fun THAT was!), and it will give you a chance to snoop around  Mynx's place, which is full of fun, life, and great artwork-in-progress.  (And, if you feel a bit naughty, she's got another blog you can find from there for the literati with a little time on their imagination.) Plus, a lot of the cool kids hang out there, too, so check it out!  (Thus, I kill two pimps with one paragraph.)

Second, I can't help but laugh at how a certain subject has come up in a very short time on TWO of the blogs I follow.  First, we had a treatise on the English language and its offshoot, Likespeak, over at Waiting For God.  Not long thereafter, we get a humorous look at Likespeak's effect on the relatively normal mind over at The 4th Frog Blog.  Any of y'all that enjoyed either on should stop by the other;  the rest of you should stop by both and get the best of both worlds.  Since I'm in a pimping way, I recommend both places as A+ to hang out at.

Moving on to more of a rant, I got this story through Chuck Shepard's News Of The Weird, but this is one of those that is more rant-inducing than funny to me.  For those allergic to clicking links, here's the nutshell.  NYPD cop claims shoulder problem, retires on disability.  Someone finds out he has a construction job.  Pension shut off, told to return to work.  Police physical shows cocaine in his system, and he is eventually fired.  Cop sues the city, saying that they had no right to suspend his pension without a hearing before the pension board.  The parole board is one-half city officials, one-half union.  Show of hands for guessing what happens next?  That's right, the board deadlocks, and thus the pension is supposed to be re-instated.  In a rare show of actual intelligence, city officials are still refusing to pay this travesty.

I know that there are some of you out there that I gain no love from when I attack unions.  Once upon a time, unions were there for a reason, a good reason.  Now, unions only exist to keep sorry ass frauds like this guy on the job and put money into the coffers of the Democratic party candidate with the brownest nose.  When pro-union people start showing me examples of when they actually boot some low-life POS from their organization instead of suing for his back-pay, I'll lay off.  I don't think I'll be holding my breath.  When I become King of this country, I guarantee that unemployment will momentarily spike when all those Congressmen and their staffs, all those Wall Street money-manipulators, and every member of Labor management I can track down will be beating the streets.  I will shortly alleviate this with jobs digging graves for convicted murderers, rapists, and child molesters, and replacement workers for all the illegal aliens who'll get a one-way ticket home.  And that, my friends, is likely why you'll never see me on the throne (at least, THAT one).


  1. Excellent! Amen to that! I'd support you as king.

  2. Came over from Mynx's blog had a read had a laugh and thought should I follower this man or not tossed a coin and decided I would no I did not decide on the toss of a coin but it sounds good to say doesn't it.........

  3. CWM:
    You wear your "pimpin" like the lime green suit and matching hat that is truly is...kudos to you.

    Now, about the 1976 cadillac drop/top with the SUPERFLY grille and shag carpeting...!?!

    Nicely done.
    Stay safe up there.

  4. You are an excellent pimp!