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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Big Walk

Today, Scrappy and I decided that we were going to see if the greenway under Parnell Street was finally open.  It was; and here is our story.  Forty minutes from home to the path under Coliseum Blvd. Another ten into Johnny Appleseed park.

Dadddy takes break #1 at the overlook at the dam.  Scrappy wants to go!

I couldn't believe how low the river was.  This is just down from the dam.

Proof?  Here's the wall at the river's edge, from the river side.  Walked about 20 yards along the bank this way.

Remember this spring, when there was water 50 feet past this pole?  This is from the current river's edge.

One of the places we usually couldn't go was this idyllic stretch behind the boat house.  Last time? This was water.  Now?  Just watch for the mole tunnels.

This path took us quite a ways along the road out of Appleseed.  Along the way we found a bright yellow softball, a HR from Turner Field.  We climbed back up to the road soon after and threw it back in.

        As you can see, the way was open- if a little creepy.  The boardwalk here really creaks!

This path was so cool, though!  Dark, peaceful, quiet- and we still ran into more people than anywhere else on the walk.

We emerged, I didn't know where, except that it was along a road and right under an electrical tower.

But guess what?  We found the marker to Stevie's Island at long last!  Couldn't see the island, though- the bank was wide, steep, and overgrown.
Soon later, we learned that we were following Spy Run Ave.  After another break soon after, we continued down the trail until we found ourselves where the trail splits at Tom Steele Tires...

Oh, but I forgot! Just before the wooded trail opened up into this more city-like scene..

We found this painting, just sitting here at the side of the trail!  Weird, wild stuff.

Next thing we knew, trail became sidewalk, and we were going down State Street!

From there, we made our way past the Tom Kelly North Side Empire to Northside Park.

Scrappy was still rip-raring to go!  But I needed a break, so we went into the park to a) find a restroom, b)call Laurie and alert her that we might soon need a pickup (the walk now well into the second hour), and c) figure out where it is that, as a sign told us, the greenway picked back up.

The first two were easy; the third we were having a time with.  We finally decided to try the trail that wrapped around the park's three ball diamonds.  However, when we rounded the corner at the last diamond (after break #3 in the dugout)...

...yup, the trail ended.

So we cut cross-country back towards State Street.  We ended up going BEHIND the Acme Pizza and Package Store..

And would you believe, there was one of those IPFW Mastadons back there!
Moments later (after stopping Scrappy from going into the Pizza place's back door), we made the corner of State and Crescent.  We were now at 2:20 into this thing, Scrappy still going strong, but it was starting to get warmer.  Time to call Laurie to have her come fetch us while we proceeded north.

Scrappy actually finally showed signs of tuckering out at Crescent and Kenwood, and when we took break #4 there, he actually sat down insteadof whining to go on- for about 1 minute.

Soon Later, Laurie caught up to us at Crescent and Anthony.  This was our previous farthest south we'd walked.  By Google earth, total walk, 5.06 miles.  Time at pickup, 2 1/2 hours.


  1. Scrappy looks like an amazing dog and thank you for sharing these photos with us. It was almost like I'd gone on that walk as well.

    Also, weird place to leave a painting. It looks almost magical.

  2. I'm tired just thinking of it. Good for you though. I can't walk like that anymore with my hips and pinched nerves in my lower back but I used to love to walk early in the a.m. before work. Was so invigorating. That little dog of yours is energetic, that's for sure!

  3. Ladies, glad you enjoyed it. Laurie suggested I should've brought it with us, but that was a half hour and several blocks before I called her.
    Scrappy thanks you for the compliments. The heat wears him out a lot more than it used to, but today the morning was just perfect. And Barb, one of the reasons I do the pics is because I get a LOT of comments from bloggers who just don't get around so well anymore and like walking vicariously with us. This is as close to putting you in my pocket and bringing you along as I can get (and you probably wouldn't enjoy it so much in my pocket anyway).
    Jay-Jay, thanks for the follow, hope I'm worth it.

  4. CW, I'm like the rest, I love getting to view your walk. I really enjoy your photos of your walk. Sorry to say around here (Texas Panhandle) we do not have such nice places to walk. THANKS FOR SHARING.

    dustbow (still) Momma Lyn

  5. CWM:
    I love these travelogues...I learn MORE about The Fort than I ever could anywhere else.

    I'm gonna have to drive up there someday and take a stroll with you guys.
    I miss hiking the "far country"
    Sounds like it would indeed be fun.

    Great post and pictures.
    (I'd have snagged the painting if it was in good shape & an interesting subject)

    Stay safe up there.

  6. Wow! What a great walk and the pictures are fantastic.. Thanks so much! I enjoy your walks more than you know.

  7. Bob, just let me know on the walk- it's pretty much a guarantee Friday, Saturday, and Sunday any given week. And like I said, you're not the only one who suggested I should've grabbed the painting. Perhaps if I wasn't 4 miles from home at the time, or Scrappy was big (and willing) enough to strap it on his back...

    Rainbow: (other than the fact everything's all dry right now), you will have to let me know what kind of country you are in. I'm afraid my "Texas Panhandle " is a bit, I mean rusty.

    ms nk rey... you know you're with us on every walk. Your comments (as well as the rest of you commenters) help to keep me apreciative of what Scrappy and I have.