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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Debt Crisis, and the Harlot's Forehead

I had a moment this morning when I just had to go out and, as I told Laurie, "do some mental screaming".  The reasons were of faith and finance.  I started with the Journal Gazette headline, which summed up the idea that Texas Gov. and 2012 Presidential candidate Rick Perry prayed for our country, our economy, and the decisions being made by our government by the line "Perry asks God to solve U.S. crisis".  Which is good if, you being a liberal and unconscious to the mashing of facts to express your opinion, you want to paint Perry as a fundamentalist whacko who'd turn the nation's government into one big church.  So it goes any time a person of faith expresses an opinion.  Those of you old enough will remember the fathers of these anti-religious bigots saying that JFK's election would make Washington an adjunct to the Papacy because he was "catholic".

Another example came as I watched a morning news program (Fox, because CNBC was busy stimulating the economy by running paid programming) where a conservative girl and liberal fellow were debating the debt ceiling deal.  For her credit, at least she was objective;  she pointed out not only that the cuts made were just a start of what were needed, but that Defense was "greatly bloated" and that high end tax loopholes need to be closed.  She was not ashamed to say that harmful rhetoric pervaded both sides.  When Mr. Liberal got his shot, was he willing to be as even handed?  Well, his main "points" were:
-The Tea Party was to blame for the S&P downgrade.
-The Tea Party was a bunch of "terrorists" who held up the government and the people to get what they wanted.
-The Tea Party was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic, the explosion of the Hindenburg, and the meltdown at Chernobyl.  (Not really on these, but you get the point).

Yes it was THE LIBERAL who could not get past his talking points to have a reasonable, adult discussion.  It was THE LIBERAL that thinks that fighting however misguidedly for your economic policy position is just as evil as, say, flying a plane full of people into a building full of people.  It was THE LIBERAL who had no intention of saying, "well here's where my side should have given a little".  And, it was THE LIBERAL who claimed that the Tea Party had been planning to make the debt ceiling a battleground for the last two years, instead of saying truthfully that the debt ceiling should have been a battleground FOR THE LAST THIRTY YEARS.

I'm not saying that the republicans are fighting for truth, honor and apple pie.  Think about this- the stimulus was in essence giving money to rich businessmen to create economic opportunity.  A good dictionary would use this as a definition of "trickle-down economics".  Yet the same liberal who won't say a word against Obama in the face of the majority opinion that the stimulus failed, are more than happy to say trickle down econ won't work- WHEN THEY ARE THE SAME THING.    Meanwhile, republicans assail the stimulus and say that cutting taxes to the corporations will stimulate growth, never admitting that these, too, are the same thing.

You want the truth about economic policy and politics? Here it is:  Republicans won't raise taxes, not because of you and I who are down here already screwed, but because the rich and corporations are where they get their power- and that's who is unwilling to pay their fair share, Obama's recent primer on the debt crisis notwithstanding.  And, democrats won't cut the spending, or reform entitlements, because the "great unwashed" and the unions are their power base.  Behind every bit of rhetoric that either side spews out, the underlying motivation is nothing but self-preservation.  Both sides as a group are disingenuous in claiming they are fighting for the little man- they are in a constant fight for nothing more or less than their next election.
I only get pissed at the liberals because they are revisionist historians at the core- willing to tell any lie (and convince the undereducated to believe it) to bolster their cause.  At least I hear some conservative voices willing to stand up to the rhetorics and say, "Hey, that's bulls--t," like the lady on Fox did today.  Show me a liberal willing to do the same.

In the meantime, we sit here with a narrow bandwidth of time before China and the G20 say, the hell with you, and really put the squeeze to us.  And the best solution we can come up with is to print up yet more monopoly money, because nobody wants to stop campaigning for office long enough to commit to working on a real solution.  If we weren't in the age of metal detectors, I'd bet money that during the "supercommittee" meetings, someone on the panel would take out a gun and shoot another panelist.  Because we talk in protest signs and work together like rutting bucks.

And so, out I went to calm down thinking of what I studied in this morning's Bible reading.  One phrase had caught my eye- Jeremiah 3:3:

3 Therefore the showers have been withheld,
And there has been no latter rain.
You have had a harlot’s forehead;
You refuse to be ashamed.

A harlot's forehead, I asked?  A perusal of my concordance shows that the Hebrew word translated "forehead" or "brow" connoting something of prominence.  In other words, when someone looks at you as a person, what stands out?  I have to look at myself in the mirror every moment to see if I have a Christian's forehead, or a harlot's.

And in that idea, I have to ask our government, our political sides:  What is your forehead?  Republicans, I agree that most Americans are taxed to the limit now, and that spending is where we need to work to eliminate the debt.  Can you agree, that $900 for a$7 part tells us that Defense is one of the first places to start?  If I agree that just giving money to the corporate heads will not result in jobs, will you agree that tax incentives haven't worked either?  Democrats, if I agree that all people, corporations and little guys, must do their part, will you agree that we won't NEED  as much if we do not SPEND as much?  If I agree that Defense can be reformed, can you agree that rampant social security, welfare, and medicare/medicaid fraud tells us that entitlements need reformed just as badly?  If I agree I don't have all the answers, can you agree that I am not a "terrorist" because I didn't agree with yours?  Whose forehead do you have? 

Quite frankly, I think we all have enough "scarlet letters" that name calling rhetoric only proves the bankruptcy of your mindset.  Mind you, I'm not trying to say either side is stupid- but if all you can bring to the table is, "It's their fault", then YOU ARE.


  1. Excellent post. Good points for both sides. There is no way out of this unless both sides make changes. The rich need to pay more taxes and the people of this country need to stop living on a rich man's dream with poor man's pocket. We all need to take a look at our spending and see what we can do without. It's got to start somewhere.

  2. Chris,
    This is a well written pine. Well done. I enjoyed your colorful and descriptive phraseology. You sure called 'em as you see 'em. Wish more people would see through the excuses of many of the politicos.

  3. This was an interesting read although politics is beyond me I have no idea and even less so about the politics of any country other then my own......

  4. CWM:
    Great post (as usual)...

    LOVE the "mental-screaming" thing...reminds me of the Harlan Ellison novel:
    "I have no mouth and I must scream".

    (feel like that a LOT down here...wonder why? LOL)

    Stay safe up there.