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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The great 1960's countdown, week two

Before we get going, I'd like to thank somebody from the vicinity of Longs, South Carolina, because you were my 10,000th page view!  I'd tell you to e-mail me for some great prize, but that isn't in the realm of financial consideration right now.  However, if you'd like to be presented with the coveted Trophee du Beagle and get yer blog pimped over here, let me know who you are and I certainly will!

Back to the countdown of my 300-strong list of my favorite sixties songs.  If you are interested in all the relevant disclaimers, go to the week one post, right here.  As for the rest of you, we pick up at # 280.

280. Sunshine Of Your Love, Cream. There are some songs that just seemed to have a power beyond their music and lyrics, and Cream was a master at this.

279. Yesterday, Beatles.  Of the million or so Beatles songs, 11 of them make my countdown starting here.  I had an old gf who used to make me sing this to her over the phone.  Why I don't know, it wasn't "our" song and I'm not all that great a singer.  (And that may well be charitable.)

278. Cherish, The Association.  A band that definitely got short shrift in the mayhem, only this one song makes it in.  That despite Windy, Never My Love, Everything That Touches You, and Pandora's Golden Heebee Jeebies.  The Beach Boys-like hook at the end gets it in.

277. Inna Gadda Da Vida, Iron Butterfly.  This song fits the description I gave for Sunshine Of Your Love.  And can you really have a sixties countdown without it?

276. If I Had A Hammer, Trini Lopez.  This song brings back memories of being little kids with my nephew and niece and playing the 45 at 78.  Good Times!

275. Tell Laura I Love Her, Ray Peterson.  They called it "death rock" back then- songs like Last Kiss, Teen Angel, and this.  Some stations, I gather, even banned such songs, not that it did them any good.  They were good, tear-jerking songs, and I loved most of them.  (Which means, "You won't find Leader Of The Pack on this countdown.")

274. Love Is Here And Now You're Gone, The Supremes.  These gals were hot and cold for me musically-hence they make but 4 appearances on this countdown- but the ones I liked I really liked. When I was four or five I had such a crush on Diana Ross.  That faded long before she and Michael Jackson began to meld into one person.

273.  The Stripper, David Rose.  Is there a guy that wouldn't have this on his list? Really?

272.  Baby Don't Go, Sonny and Cher.  This one, and not the ubiquitous I Got You Babe, is the duo's lone rep on this countdown.  That mandolin part just melts me.

271. Crimson and Clover, Tommy James and the Shondells.  I really liked their more psychedelic stuff like this more than the run of the mill stuff like Mony Mony or Hanky Panky.  They'll be back 2 more times.

270. Tracks Of My Tears, Smoky Robinson and the Miracles.  This really brings home the sheer amount of good music back then to me- this is the only one from the Motown Miracles that I managed to squeeze in.  And of course, I took the song that got short shrifted the most on the charts (as I noted in a previous Time Machine post).  But really, the next closest for me was probably Mickey's Monkey.

269.  Needles And Pins, The Searchers.  This song has been done by a ton of acts, including Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  This is my favorite, though, with the way it so smoothly rolls from verse to chorus without missing a beat.

268. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore, Walker Brothers.  You don't hear this one a lot anymore, and that's too bad.

267. I Can't Stop Loving You, Ray Charles.  According to Billboard, this was the number one song when Laurie and I were born (5 days apart!) The second of Ray's two times on the chart.

266. Theme To A Summer Place, The Lettermen.  I never knew there was words to this until I stumbled onto the Lettermen a few years back.  I love the vocal groups, and the Lettermen will be back later.

265. Woman, Woman, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.  In addition to one of the coolest names for a band in history, Puckett's powerful voice made him a favorite of mine.  Especially that last "Have you got CHEEE-ting on your MII-I-I-IND" where he hits the high spots.

264. It's My Life, The Animals.  These guys really became one of my favorites over the last few years, and have 5 songs on the countdown.  Despite the abject selfishness of the lyrics, you gotta love the voice of Eric Burdon.

263. Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.  Mainly to show Diana Ross how this song SHOULD be done. 

262. I Love How You Love Me, Bobby Vinton.  If I haven't mentioned it yet, there'll be a LOT of the Polish Prince on this countdown.  He was my mom's favorite, and she passed him down to me.  He's Mine, you can't have Him!!! LOL

261. In The Ghetto, Elvis Presley.  The second of the King's two charters.  If this don't make you cry, well, move up a few years and listen to Don't Cry Daddy.  For me, though, this works.

And that, believe it or not, makes 20 for this week.  As we fade out, listen to one of those Association songs that didn't quite make the cut.  See you next week!


  1. That would be me! 10,000? Wow! I'm thrilled. Now let me go back and read this post. I got so excited I jumped to the comments first. Barb

  2. Absolute favs on this list are: In the Ghetto and I Can't Stop Loving You. Who can't love a song by the King and Ray Charles? If I'm not mistaken Trini Lopez did that song before adding Brazil 66 to the name correct? God, I'm dating myself!! Love all these songs. Every single one! Great list!

  3. Barb:
    Congrats! I will soon be posting your trophee du Beagle. Just copy it and add to your trophy case. Not bad for a blogoversary weekend, eh? And I apologize for being the pain in the ass perfectionist that I am, but you are mixing up trini Lopez with Sergio Mendes ( whom I think just missed the cut a couple of times). Ah, well, no harm done. Thanks for coming over- I know you were busy cleaning up from the party!

  4. Let's just chalk that error up to too much Heineken and being over 50!! They were both great bands weren't they? Thanks for coming to my house for the party!

  5. A lot of these songs are faves of mine but I probably know them more remade by more recent artists.
    Motown and classics lke these are popular with several Australian artists and I have several albums with these songs

    (just asking, and it is certainly up to you, but do you really need the "captcha's"?)

  6. Y'know, sweetie, I didn't even realize I had the captchas enabled! I guess that's why I was getting the moronic anonymous stuff (like that "ladylike post" thing I mentioned a while back) on the bottle cap blog (which wasn't enabled) but not here. Tell ya what, I'll take the captcha down for a while and see if it gets annoying or not. Normally I find crap like that amusing, but as this is a more "high traffic" blog than the cap blog, I'm going to watch and see if it gets in the way.

  7. I love music from the 60's and 70's.. this will be a fun list to follow. I would have had Tracks of My Tears in my top 20 though, one of the best written songs of that era in my book.


  8. Oh and I forgot, I'd put Crimson and Clover higher too. That's a song that to this day gets turned up in my car when it comes on the radio.

    I used to toy with the idea of making a couple CDs (before the MP3 players came along) of my favorite music that came out before I was born, and Crimson and Clover would have made the list.


  9. CWM:
    I really admire the time and effort you put into these amazing musical lists...fantastic.

    Wasn't music BETTER back then...or is it just *me*?

    Good vibrations, definitely.