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Thursday, September 15, 2011

AttackWatch, day 2

Never one to let a sleeping dog lie, and since AttackWatch has yet to reply to my reporting of Scrappy, I decided to strike again.  I sent them that picture of the raccoon Scrappy treed:

How about some hope and change for me, you dick!
Along with the following message:

To clear up what I told you yesterday:  "Raccoon was not a racist codeword.  there really is a raccoon that my dog treed.  Attaching picture of the anti-Obama mammal.  Sorry picture isn't very good quality, but neither is my  camera.  Perhaps you could send me a better one- nothing fancy, just something with an autofocus and better than a lousy 2X zoom.  Then I could contribute more efficiently, eh?

Today I told everyone at work the story (naturally), and so, just like Bob, we were all joking about men in black coming to take me away, hah hah.  Then, a change in city water pressure set off fire alarms all over our industrial park.  I told my supervisor that this was the g-men coming to get me.  A buddy said that when the sniper gets me, my last instructions would be to "not let them get Scrappy", and suggested witness protection and "changing his breed".  We watched the water tower for gunflashes, but all was soon well and I live on to inflict more pain on AttackWatch.

Later, we were speculating on their possible responses.  I said I'll probably get a "thank you for joining the fight " form letter.  Laurie said, "But if they don't bother to read their reports, that kinda defeats their purpose."  To which I replied, "That's what I'm all about, defeating their purpose!"  Because after all, a fool can hardly change unless he knows he's a fool.

1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    LOL...lotsa great stuff there.

    You know, they DO have ballistic BODY ARMOR for pooches now...

    That change in water pressure was the "suits" adding a classified substance in order to render the population more "docile"...

    And if you ask for a camera, go for broke and get them to send you a 10-X zoom...!!!
    (I've only got a 4X)

    Now, about that deal on camo face-paint...

    Stay safe up there.