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Monday, September 26, 2011

May I have the attention of the following- the NFL, Morgan Freeman, CBSSports, ESPN, Yahoo sports, and

Because I have some things to say to you.  First, let's hit up Roger Goodel and the NFL.  In case you haven't noticed, the quality of refereeing after three weeks is flat Awful.  Even the good crews have struggled, and they were led by the bunch that called the season's opening Thursday.  Perhaps if they weren't being distracted by A) trying to accomplish the NFL's moronic edict of removing every trace of celebration from the end zone; B) trying to cover for the Umpire, who has been moved for "safety reasons" and is now hopelessly out of position and a good deal less than useful; or C) trying to guess whether they will be called by the review booth who now "reviews" every scoring play-  or I should put that, reviews "every scoring play"- and let me just say who was the intelligence challenged individual who decided to take this out of the COACH'S hands, where it belongs?  It might work better if the booth was actually paying attention to the scoring play. Y'know, Mike Vick had a point about bitching that they never throw flags when he gets hit.  However, the reason isn't the NFL's more than obvious bias for quarterbacks named Manning and Brady- it's just that they BLOW this year.

Next, Morgan Freeman.  Sir, I do not want Obama out of the White House because he's black.  In fact, if you were less biased and more open, you'd see that probably 75% of Tea Partiers would LOVE to have Herman Cain in his place.  I want Barack Obama out because he is:

1) A Chicago mobster style politician;
2) A closet bigot and a fairly open Socialist;
3) A man with no idea what he is trying to accomplish;
4) A typical liberal elitist with their liquid definition of what is true and what isn't;
5) All of the above.  (Hint: take #5.)

Next, and speaking of Obama, I have now a collection of replies to my letters to all of them involving me either sending them money, volunteering time, or putting a stylish magnetic sticker on my car.  Imagine that- a campaign fundraiser in the guise of a snitch-site!  I'd have NEVER expected THAT from a liberal political group!  I expressed my disappointment in them thusly (after the latest attempt to get money from me, citing that 11,000 of my Indiana neighbors have done so):

Dude, you really should LOOK at what I sent you. You've just gone a long way to proving that for liberals, politics is just a way to make money. I sent you the most dipshit complaints I felt like coming up with, and you're only response is to panhandle for "change you can use". I wouldn't give your cause bus fare outta town, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. No wonder the raccoons think Obama's a dick!

Now, and finally, the listing of sports sites.  I would like to know how your live scoreboards work- and I'll give you 3 examples of why I ask.

Saturday, I am keeping rapt attention on the FCS scores on  Now, over the years I have often written CBS about the quality of marijuana their scoreboard people smoke.  Thus I was not surprised that the game between JMU and William AND Mary had an anomaly.  The box score showed that JMU was up 10-0 at half, then W&M put up 10 in the third and 7 in the fourth to take the lead.  Just before time ran out, though, something funny happened- the 7 in the fourth quarter spontaneously added itself to the third quarter, disappearing from the fourth, while there was just a blank spot for JMU's fourth quarter, and a total score of 20-14 (which was a trick with W&M having 17 of those 14 in the third).  So with a sigh, I switched over to  Their top of the page list had the 20-14 score as a final.  So I clicked on the box score, and when it came up, it was showing a 10-7 FINAL! (All together now, WTF?)  So I reversed back to the ESPN main page, which was now showing 10-7, but NOT final.  Back to CBS, where it was now posted as a 20-17 final!  After trying to learn what happened from news sources without any success, I returned to ESPN, which was now back to the 20-14 final, though the box score didn't add up and none of the scoring plays were posted.  Giving one last try, I went to Yahoo's sports site- where they confirmed (or so I thought) the CBS 20-17 final.

Next morning, all three had the TRUE score of 20-14.  Not only did W&M not score 17 in the third quarter, or even 10 for that matter, but they didn't even get TO 14 until after JMU had them down 17-7.  So back to the original question.  Obviously either the all get the info from the same source (whose credibility really reflects well on their own), or they each crib off the other, and when one screws up, you get a train wreck.  Can it really be SO HARD to get this thing right?  Somewhere, sometime, someone is actually AT the game, I'm assuming, and their boss REALLY needs to get them to put down the Milwaukee's Best and pay attention.
And I almost forgot- CBS went above and beynd the call Sunday.  Their score crawler during the NFL games had at one point Matt Hasselbeck being 20-for-20 passing, a trick considering A) no one was trumpeting his historic performance; B) we'd already seen about three dropped balls and an INT by his team; and C) C'mon, it's Matt Hasselbeck!  They followed that about 20 minutes later with another QB, I think Andy Dalton going 12-for-10.  Quite a trick, to throw ten passes and complete twelve of them, but I'll bet Hasselbeck could do it.

Oh, and here's one for the Henry for Mayor people.  I think I've got enough "How can we trust Paula Hughes" flyers to get your point, even if I just throw them away.  You can beat the next dead horse for a while now.


  1. I wish I knew more about your politics and sport, but I did try to follow :)

  2. CWM:
    Geez, Chris...tell us how you REALLY feel....LOL!

    I love the O'bama gig you got going on...that's why I didn't even bother to post to ATTACKWATCH...
    I knew they were a shill for fund-raising (and I'm defintely NOT in that "other" 11K folks in Indiana that already gave (we, as a nation, gave too much up as it is already in the last 3 years)

    Sports scores?
    You'd think with ALL the channels, someone would get it right the first time...guess not.
    (shades of the Heidi Bowl - best game we never got to see the end of, thanks to NBC programming)
    We did get to see a replay later...

    Henry doesn't like he FACT that his good old boy network (not to be confused with the late UPN) might be in jeopardy.

    Good the rants!
    (can'cha tell?)

    You stay safe up there.