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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NHFFL week 1

The first week of NHFFL play is over, and the enthusiasm of draft day for old powers has been dampened, while the enthusiasm of new clubs have been rewarded.  The Greenwoods and Aguas win for the first time since 2001, and the Flying Porkchops win their first ever game.

The Greenwoods come away with the years first #1 ranking after a 44-12 win over the defending champ KCAs.  The story wasn't so much the Elves' scoring but the lack thereof by the champs.Steven Jackson scored their lone TD early and then got hurt, and reportedly will be out next week as well.  Ray Rice's 2 scores and Matt Stafford's big day were more than enough for the win.
Fellow Purple division squad and newbie/oldie Aguas  "picked up where they left off" as my son said, rolling up a big lead and holding on to a 51-38 win over the Beagles.  Atlanta's D (which did Atlanta little good) gave the Aguas 14 pts, and 2 TDs by Calvin Johnson did the rest.
The Porkchops took the third spot, top in the Gold division, with a 37-21 win over the Clock BBQs.  A similar story to the last one; only this time it was the Philly D getting 15.  The CBBQs had to overcome the loss of top QB Peyton Manning with 6 from "new" starter Mark Sanchez.
The fourth ranked team is the Rangers, who spent all afternoon going back and forth against the Angels.  When the smoke cleared Sunday night, the score was 56-all, but the Rangers still had one player- Tom Brady.  Brady's 15 gave them a 71-56 win.  Mike Tolbert's 3 scores and the long TD by Matt Forte didn't hurt either.  The Angels collected 5 TDs two each by LeShon McCoy and Steve Smith, but were hurt by the incompetence of the Pittsburgh D (1 pt).
The B2s take fifth with a come-from-behind 44-39 win over the State Ducks.That damnable 100+ TD catch by Wes Welker Monday night was the coup de grace, and 14 by the Bears D kept them in it to get there.
The Elks were the lowest ranked of the winners, hanging on for a 25-22 win over Buzz.  Buzz was down 25-4 going into Sunday night, but rallied on the foot of Sea-Bass, who tied the league record Monday night with a 63 yd field goal.  The Elks got half their points on Thursday night, thanks to Drew Brees and the GB D.

You'll see next my attempt to put the standings up without HTMLing myself insane.  This is actually a google doc spreadsheet, but it's sure better than playing with an HTML template every week- especially when I can't get to last years' or find a new one.  Next week, it's the Beagles up against #1 Greenwoods; the KCAs trying to find away to score points against the Rangers; the Angels play the #2 Aguas; the Clock BBQs vs the B2s; the Ducks battle Buzz; and the Elks play #3 Porkchops.

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