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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September sh... uh, er, stuff. Yeah, stuff is good...

Okay, guys, I have a lot to rant about and I'm getting hungry, so, hang on and let's go.

Last night, Scrappy and I topped off our raccoon adventure with a walk that ended up having us turn a corner( on the woods trail) and run pretty much into our two deer.  They were off the trail about 50 feet or so away.  After we spent a few seconds just looking at each other ( and I tried to get my camera) and Scrappy actually obeyed my whispered command and just sat there, they bounded off to join their friends at the retirement home (yes, friends, they leave salt blocks on the property edge).  We also found a cap I thought might be a winner- a red-and-yellow job called "Cockta".  On looking it up, I found out that Cockta is a Slovenian invention, a soft drink flavored with dog rose hip- which is the hip (fruit) of a dog rose.  Not sure I ever heard of a dog rose, definitely didn't know any roses had fruit, and surely have know idea what a flavoring made from it would taste like.

Pat Miller was having a hard time with some democratic congresswoman from California, stretching the truth like silly putty to make her point.  "What district on this planet, " he asked, "would elect this woman?"  I guess Pat has forgotten the two rules of power liberalism (as opposed to sincere and relatively honest liberals like Dr. Tom Hayhurst): #1- truth is relative, and in some cases fluid, when confronted with proving a point; #2- Liberals can be elected in any district where there is a large enough concentration of one of their "constituencies" (i.e. LGBT, Welfare cases, illegal aliens, union members who use the newsletter to avoid thinking on their own).

Which brings me to another of his rants- Lil' Jimmy Hoffa calling the right wing half of this nation S.O.B.'s.  This doesn't merit that much comment; Hoffa is a) the leader of a dying organization who owes its continued existence to its symbiotic relationship with the democratic party; b) the son of a dead mobster that got his job on his daddy's coattails.  IOW, the man has the credibility of a global warming scientist.

The next on the list is more serious.  Due to obvious reasons, I'm not going to go into much details.  A local school district has given middle schoolers laptops to do homework on.  Not a big deal, but the second part is that they left Facebook and skype unblocked so that the students might use them to communicate about homework.  Still not a big deal?  Several young girls have been contacted by a sexual predator through these unsecured media.  Local police are investigating, but a "spokesperson" for the school has given the impression that the school thinks that that's just the price of technology in the modern world.  Obviously, in the "modern world", protecting the student's "rights" of "free speech" and "privacy" is more important than PROTECTING THE CHILDREN.  I swear to God, there is not one chance in hell I'd ever put a child in a public school ever again!  And as for these predators, my hope is a) that the lowest ring of Hell is ready and waiting for them; b) that the faithful will get a chance at the Judgement to boot a few of 'em over the edge, and c) that they bounce off of  liberal educators who think all of the above is a good idea on the way down.  Honestly, people, I do not understand how ANY PASTOR can teach "there is no hell" when slimebags like this are around just waiting to get there.

Okay, and now back to sweetness and light- or, a scam e-mail update.  Today I got two- the first from the English sounding (though not real good at writing it) Sir Mark James, who informs me that the Paris Club International has donated $1.5 million to me, but for some reason has left it in a Western Union office in..... Benin! The financial capital of the world, I should have expected that, I guess.  Then comes #2- Barrister Jim Mike (nifty name) who was kinda peeved that I didn't get down to.... Benin! to pick up the $6.5 million he owes me, so he packaged it up and left it at the Lagos Nigeria branch of Fed Ex in Benin. (so, let's get this straight- Fed Ex has a Lagos, Nigeria branch, and that branch has a branch in Benin?)  Now when I get there, I'll need to pay the FELNBB (Fed Ex Lagos Nigeria/ Benin Branch) the security fee.  Jim doesn't tell me how much that is, but according to Sir Mark, Western Union (which I think is a simple Benin branch and not a Lagos Nigeria/Benin branch) charges $175. 

I was going to do my FCS stuff tonight too, but I'm starving, it's already 7:08, and Laurie is shooting hair bands at Scrappy, probably because she is patiently waiting to get on Farmerama and is taking out her frustration on lower forms of life.  But I promise I'll try harder tomorrow.


  1. I just posted about my scam incident that happened yesterday. It is sad that people devote their time to hurt and cause pain to others. I am thankful that my kids are out of the public school system. I worry so much about my grand kids in today's world. Scares me but then I have seen the best this country has to offer. You know back in the day when I had to walk to school up hill both ways carrying my shoes thru the snow dodging wild animals.

  2. Yeah it does make us wonder what some people are thinking proctecting the children should be the most importing thing...

  3. That was a lot on your plate and I do hope you feel better now. I'm with you 200 percent on all your points. THANKS FOR POINTING THEM OUT and I sure have a lot added to my prayer list for now. God has us here to watch out and protect the children so we will be held accountable. THANKS AGAIN!!!

    rainbow (Momma Lyn)

  4. CWM:
    Holy managed to cram ALL that into just ONE day???

    You never cease to amaze me.
    (nor I

    ...don't get me started.
    Hoffa Jr?
    ...don't get me started.
    ...REALLY don't get me started.
    (I blogged often about the MISuse of technology)
    Scams & Spams?
    I try and make their lives a living hell when I report them.
    (oh, yeah...don't get started)

    Great post.

    Stay safe (and spam-free) up there.