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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A few things before we get to the NHFFL...

First off, I'd like to make an open letter to our company's fabric vendors.  Specifically our Chinese vendors.  First, I get that you get paid even fewer peanuts than we do.  But for my peanuts I am expected to put out a PROFESSIONAL product.  I think YOU should, too.  You have a solid, one color fabric, that you manage to get some gray, paint-like crap all over.  You also take these rolls and stretch them out of all proportion.  All of which turns a two hour job for me into a 5 hour job.  Granted, you have your handy little tag gun with which you mark where a defect is going to show up, and I appreciate that.  That is, on the rolls that you actually pay attention to what you're doing.  When you leave large defects unmarked while putting tags on rolls where there are no defects, which you did SEVERAL times in the 1200 yards of that stringy yellow crap I had to cut today, I can only assume you just stick tags in at random.  Second, I appreciate that often you will cut a bad piece out of the roll.  However, it would be nice if you cut ALL of the bad stuff out and not leave another section 8 inches later.  Also, it would be helpful if, after you've cut that piece off, you don't take a marker and right some identifying code ON THE FACE SIDE of the fabric, thus causing me to scrap another half-yard of otherwise usable fabric which we did, after all, pay for.  Okay, end of rant #1.

Next item, if you stop over at the cap blog, you heard me say that I e-mailed the behemoth of worldwide beer, MillerCoors (a division of SABMiller Worldwide) to see if they'd like to contribute to the mighty Martin cap collection.  Here's their answer:

Thank you for contacting MillerCoors.

We are sorry, but because of the unprecedented number of requests from customers and the difficulty involved in mailing crowns, we have found it impossible to distribute them to the general public.
We appreciate your interest in our company.
MillerCoors Consumer Affairs Department

Okay, how hard is it to grab a hand full of caps, put them in an envelope, and send them down to the mailroom?  Anne Raabe at Shiner managed it.  Christy Luster at Pabst managed it.  But (unnamed) at MillerCoors found it too hard.  Or, to put it another way, "We're too big to waste our time with collectors."  Well, you know what?  I can always make a list of products to avoid myself.  Have a nice day, unnamed.
Third, Here's another contestant for laziest scammer:
The management of world bank,after a closed door has concluded to pay you

USD$18m as unpaid contract fund.kindly send your informations for your
REV,Frank Weather
Executive Director.

Okay, what about the closed door?  What kind of contract?  What informations do you want- just any old informations?  Was the "REV" added at the last minute for "credibility"?  And WTF are you executive director of?  You might want to include these informations if you intend to make a living scamming.  On the other hand, anyone who falls for this definitely gives what they deserve.

Fourth, and I know I've said this before, but what is up with the utter and complete incompetency of the officiating crews of the NFL?  I swear, in the first 25 minutes of watching RedZone this Sunday, there were five calls blown so bad that Stevie Wonder could have overturned them!  And yes, they were overturned, the three that were challengeable.  I honestly think that the actual refs we had last season were kidnapped and replaced by Pac-12 and division III officials.

Okay, let's look at what happened this week.  And what happened is, the Gold Division is a mess. Both the top contenders got beat, and one so badly that we almost had our 4th 70+ point game.  The Clock BBQs got all of their points in the early games, and the Elks had 3 players with which to score the 19 they needed to tie.    They got 12, most of that on one 88-yd run by Jahvid Best, and lost 35-31.  The B2s didn't come that close, Buzz getting piles of points from Cam Newton (15), Adrian Peterson (18), Sebastian Janikowski (16), and the Buffalo D (12) to rout the 'Tubers 67-25 for their second straight win after an 0-3 start.
This allowed thee of the division's four 1-3 teams to move within a game of the top, with the Porkchops being the third of those after a 50-18 romp over the Ducks.  The 'Chops were sweating bullets pregame over whether to start the injured Ben Rothlesburger or the generally useless Matt Cassel.  Ben, who started, got 15 points, Matt got 12.  Decisions decisions.

Over in the Purple div., the rich got richer.  The Aguas hung on against a hard-charging KCAs team to win 53-44 and remain undefeated.  New acquisition Pierre Garcon tallied 15, and Calvin Johnson finished things off with a 78-yard reception.  The Rangers also stayed perfect after topping the Greenwoods 38-32.  Dwayne Bowe woke up in time to score 2 TDs (he was playing the Colts, after all) to lead the rangers.  The remaining game saw a brilliant 16 point rally by the Beagles overcome by an equally brilliant 16- point rally by the Angels, capped off by a Brandon Pettigrew TD Monday night to give the Angels an exciting 39-38 win and the only other winning record in the division at 3-2.  Here's the rest of the standings:

Next week, the Beagles and KCAs in a Somebody's gotta win game; Angels vs Greenwoods; and in the biggest game of the year at the seasons' halfway point, the 5-0 Aguas and the 5-0 Rangers.  Also the Clock BBQs vs the Ducks; The Elks and B2s in a game that would have been much bigger last week; and the two hottest rising stars, the Porkchops vs Buzz.


  1. Good post. No caps, no sale!! I like it! The last company I worked for offshored work to India because it was cheaper. In the long run it cost double because we had to then correct and retrain over and over all the mistakes they made. Go figure that one out right?

  2. CWM:
    Maybe they feel if the caps are mailed, someone at the USPS might take it as a "threat", call the EOD boys, and then you STILL get zip!
    (but they get to "detonate" it somewhere safe)

    As for the "Chinese Connection"? (shades of Bruce Lee)
    We are pretty much at THEIR mercy, unless WE (as a nation) decide to wrest BACK our businesses and demonstrate what QUALITY really means...the way it USED to be.
    There are machines that bind books (less call fotr that these days, sadly) and machines that bend, stretch, and cut metal...and ALL these wonderful contrivances were BUILT IN AMERICA...around the turn of the century (1900), from companies along the East coast to the Midwest...and so many of them STILL RUN TODAY.
    (not many people to run them, or even fix them, however, and the shops that housed them have closed in some cases)

    Go figure.

    Great post.
    Stay safe up there.

  3. That response reeks of "copy, paste, send - I don't care about my job". I've worked with people like that and it's almost shameful that kind of attitude.

    I hope they response better to your next email.