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Friday, October 28, 2011

Free speech and Julio Pino

What this is about is that an Israeli guest speaker at Kent State was verbally attacked in a Q&A after a speech at the university by a tenured professor at the school, who punctuated his comments with a shout of "Death to Israel" and stomping out.  I got the first of the story from FoxNews, which generally leaves a few things out; I got the rest here from  What this article adds is that it was part of a back and forth after the speech- and what it leaves out is the mixed opinions of Pino's fellow faculty.  Read the article on the link, and then come back here for those comments.  Go on, I'll wait.

Back?  Okay, now read this from the Fox article:

But Pino does have some supporters – among faculty members at the public university.

Donald Hassler, a member of Kent State’s Faculty Senate, told Fox News that Pino is a “colleague whom I respect.”
“We believe in freedom of expression and civil discourse,” Hassler said. “And those sometimes come in conflict – as they did in this case.”Hassler said Pino must have lost control at the lecture.

“It lacked civility,” he said. "It was an example of hate speech. He knows better than to use hate speech. He has definitely strong opinions. He needs to state them in a civil way.”

Ken Bindas, the chair of the KSU history department, told the Cleveland Jewish News that Pino was not attending the program as a professor, but “as a human being.”
“I don’t agree with his comments, but at the same time, I can’t not defend his right to free speech,” he told the newspaper.

My turn.  Yes, this is hate speech.  In this current climate, had Pino been expressing his thoughts as any kind of Christian, or as a white about any ethnic groups, Kent State would have thrown his grip in the streets and five preachers led by Al Sharpton would already be picketing the school.  But because he's a Muslim, we get to debate free speech issues.  Well, here's a free speech thought.  Major Nidal Hassan was saying the same things and visiting the same websites (I told you, Read the link!) just before he killed a bunch of our nation's heroes on an Army base.  Not only would I fire him, I'd have three FBI agents on his ass 24/7 on into eternity.  THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PINO AND HASSAN IS THAT PINO HASN"T STARTED SHOOTING YET.  And I'd bet money he will.

Second, and again read the link, doncha just love his rant about the poor little Muslims.  Yeah, all we ever did to Muslims was mortgage our future for their oil and make their rulers rich and give them something to eat other than sand and camel crap.  But their innocent little souls are crying out for revenge, and "the Muslim man is at (our) door".  Tough Shit, Professor Pino.  The only thing wrong with your type is using a persecution complex to cover up religiously rationalized bloodlust.  If Israel never existed, you'd find some other way to hate the rest of the world and some whackjob reasoning to justify it.  Let me make this clear- a terrorist is never a martyr or hero.  He/she is a mass murderer, nothing more.  If the Palestinians want to have things better for themselves, put down the guns and missles, pick up a shovel or a plow, and BUILD something instead of sitting around waiting for Arabic Welfare.

Third, and I address this to Kent State administration- James 3:1 says, "Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment."  Perhaps it was intended for teachers of the Word, but I think it applies universally- or should.  This "Pino was not attending the program as a professor, but “as a human being.” " horsecrap doesn't fly for me.  He is entitled to his opinions, I agree.  But he cannot divorce himself from being a representative of the university, just because he's there off hours.  How well does he separate the "teacher" and the "Muslim" in the frigging classroom?  Unfortunately, the head of the administration is Jewish himself, and is caught between a moral rock and a PC hard place.

Pino, say what you want.  But if you want to be a radical, you shouldn't be employed by a publicly funded university.  The same faculty that support you would likely run out an Evangelical teacher who had an optional prayer session after his class.  And let's face facts, you didn't just say F#@k you, asshole!  You advocated the Murder of 4.5 MILLION PEOPLE!  Frankly, our rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness trump your free speech rights, and you'd be on a slow boat back to Cuba were it up to me.

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  1. CWM:
    NOw THAT was a COMMENTRAY...!
    You made some marvelous points, esp. w/ James 3:1
    Anyone who takes up the mantle (in some fashion) as an "educator" will incur such "perks"...don't have to have a diploma.
    But you DO have to educated in your OWN right.

    I knew a street corner preacher (Germantown part of Philly) that I felt was one of THE BOLDEST individuals I have ever met, because (every day) he stayed the course, held fast to his belief in God, and never waivered, in spite of all the apathy, and even insult around him or directed at him.
    (heathens LOVE to do that)

    Great post.

    Stay safe up there.