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Monday, October 3, 2011

Herman Cain, N-----r head, and insensitivity

I like the way everyone with a dog in the political fight think that what Herman Cain said on This Week with Christina Interrupteur was so terrible.  I see even that model of verbal temperence, Rush Limbaugh, is on Herm's butt like stink on poop.  Well, I have several things to say about the subject, zall of which can be summed up under one phrase:

DID YOU WATCH THE FREAKIN' INTERVIEW!!???  Because I don't think you did.

First off, Christina Interrupteur conducted that "interview" with one goal in mind- to find some slip of the tongue for everyone to hang him on, since he's been so far shown too clean to be had in any of the traditional gotchas, i.e. affairs, alcohol, drugs, payola.  She was UNSUCCESSFUL, except for those of you who are blowing this thing out of all proportion.

Second, if she even sniffed that an answer he was about to give was not going to be fruitful by her lights, she Interrupted with a miniscule change of phrasing.  When a man as polite and well-spoken as Cain has to say, "...And I'm trying to answer your question!", that should tell you the kind of dirtbag interviewer you are dealing with.

Third, she forced the issue.  He answered in the only way a reasonably intelligent public figure, white or black, could.  And he added every caveat he could to honorably answer the question AND prevent the kind of ignorant public reaction he is now receiving.

The only people who should reasonably find fault with his answer are those who are trying to find a way to crucify him.  That others, such as Rush, ( and to a certain extent, WOWO's Pat Miller) are also doing so shows that even conservatives are more poisoned by the media than we realize, IMHO.

Herman Cain left more class behind him in the seat of his chair that Christina Interrupteur will evidence in a year's worth of interviews.  And while I'd certainly never use the n-word to describe Cain, I must admit to using the b-word to describe his interrogator during the interview.


  1. *shakes head* And people like that is why I despise politics.

    Did you see that ESPN yanked Hank Williams Jr.'s Monday Night football song because he compared Obama to Hitler?

  2. Interviewers are known for trying to rile politicians up. When it comes to Michele Bachmann, I'm all for it, but this is overkill.

  3. CWM:
    "Interrogator"...nicely put.

    Herman Cain has more class than many give him credit for...same with Allen West (R-FL).
    Colin Powell used to have as much too, until he turned HIS other cheek and became a RINO.

    If I were make an analogy between Cain and Presidents past, I'd say he's got a good shot at being the NEXT Harry Truman...not a great President, just a "no-nonsense" one.
    Finding the NEXT Lincoln is gonna take a bit more time.

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.

  4. CA:
    No I hadn't, but I just gave my two cents over on simple dude's post.