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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let me crab about work before I do the NHFFL scores

Not so much the work itself, but the continuing battle between we who are expected to turn sow's ears into silk purses and those much wiser and higher-paid than us who apparently feel the best way to forge a successful team is through firing us with any idiotic roadblock they can come up with.

A couple weeks ago, You read about the fabric from hell, with the dotted lines, etc., that took Laurie 7 separate lays to make what should have been done in one with a third less fabric.  Today I got my turn with the crap.  Now I had the rolls at the bottom of the pallet, which apparently means that on top of all the other charming features of this fabric, I was having to try and line up a design which varied by as much as an eighth of an inch from one side to another.  May not seem like much, but consider that even going halfway down the table- on a pattern I was supposed to match exactly- an eighth-inch on each little dotted line box adds up to a 3/4 inch difference by the other end.  Repeat this by 18 plies per roll (which have to be cut one at a time because of this non-standard design measurement) and add to it that in order to get the front and back to match up, it has to be laid up face-side to face-side, meaning that every other ply has to be cut off and then flipped over and matched up- that's right, matching up something as much as 3/4 inch off over and over. Plus, some of the rolls are varying the amount and direction of being off- if I line up the design dead on at the beginning, it might be an eigth off on the first block, a quarter in the next two, back to matching on the fourth, and a qarter inch the OTHER direction on the last two.  This is not the work of some half-assed moron, nor is it the work of the Purdue University School of Applied Dumbassery, this is full-blown, stage four brain death.

In the meantime, I was pulled over to confirm I had cut this other fabric right.  Now we had made chairs from this fabric (we thought) before;  It is a brown with little swirly flowers- that every 12-15 inchews change direction, which made it real fun and the sewers had an awful time trying to figure out which piece to sew to what.  I was sent into the fabric room to get the pallet of FB07.  I went into the room, thinking I knew what I was looking for, but the stuff we'd made the chairs out of was marked FA05.  OK, I said, the boss must have them confused, or there's some slight color difference.  I grabbed the FB07, cut 850 little seat pads, again face to face to make it easy for the sewers, and also side bands and fabric to cover the welt cord that goes on each side of the band (actually, Victor cut the welt on the slitter).  In the midst of my fabric from hell some hours later, a supervisor asked me which was the face side of the FB07, because the lady who sews the welt cord and bands together had the lighter, buff side as the face, and I had cut the dark, shiny other side as the face.  Long story shorter, it seems that she had done the bands just like she had done the chairs, buuuut.... the chairs were FA05, which it turns out is the BACK side of FB07, and vice versa.  So the same fabric is FB07 if turned one way and FA05 if turned the other.  Upshot being, I cut my stuff right, Wanda sewed her bands wrong, and we all learned that our fabirc buyers had learned an entertaining new way to FUBAR things for those of us who have to deal with their lack of prescience.


And now, onto this week's NHFFL report.  The Rangers got 7 measly points from the Baltimore D, but it was enough to tip the KCAs for the second time this season, 35-34, in the first week of playing the second time through the division.  The Rangers extend their streak to 7-0, hotly pursued by the Aguas, who beat the Angels for the second time, 30-24, behind 9-pointers (scores of 50+ yards) by Calvin Johnson and Mike Wallace.  In fact, the Angels are 0-3 against the league's top two and 4-0 against everyone else.  All the other matchups were teams getting their revenge for an earlier loss.  The Greenwoods avenged their 42-point loss to the Beagles with a 24-12 win featuring a Greg Jennings 9-pointer.  The Elks rode Drew Brees' 15-point night against the Indianapolis Dolts to beat the Clock BBQs 33-29.  The Ducks avenged a 50-18 loss to the Porkchops two weeks ago with a 47-31 win that was keyed by a 26-point day by KC's D against Oakland.  And the first-place B2s also avenged a 42-point loss to Buzz with a 46-34 win led by Arian Foster's 21 points.

Next week, the Rangers try to beat a dead dog (the Beagles); the KCAs, with time running out on a playoff run, face a must-win game with the Angels; the Greenwoods face the Aguas; another must win game sees the Clock BBQs playing the Gold-leading B2s; the Ducks face Buzz; and the Porkchops face the Elks in a key game with playoff implications.

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  1. CWM:
    Oh, Lord...I;m STILL laughing my butt off over your "reply" to our "friend" on the earlier post...then I come and read THIS one with the fabrics from Hades...

    And I have to laugh ALL OVER AGAIN.
    TWO codes for the SAME fabric (depending on what side is "up")?
    Wow, that's new one even for ME.

    Amazing how things, as they do change with time, often wind up remaining the same.
    But you made the CORRECT call...kudos!
    That calls for a RAISE! (well, it would if you worked for me)

    And that's no Jedi mind-game!
    May a fabric be with you.

    And stay safe up there.